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Big Brother Canada
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Houseguest Details

Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
10:54 AMFish from 10:38 AM BBT to 10:51 AM BBT NT
10:38 AMDay tells Austin he has lost wait from his slop diet- SP
10:31 AMJames to Day: Me, you, and Jason are three strong. We need two more. I think Meg and Jeff will be our solid numbers. NT
10:21 AMJames to Liz: You look a lot different in that picture (referring to her memory wall picture) NT
9:41 AMDay & Jason chatting about getting yelled at by BB for infractions and we get short Fish... NT
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Important Dates
Jul 7 (Premiere) The Seven Year Switch
Jul 12 (Premiere) The Strain
Jul 16 (Premiere) Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll
Jul 18 (Premiere) Hell on Wheels
Jul 21 (Premiere) Knock Knock Live