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Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
11:21 PMThanks for watching this season of Big Brother! BB17 is now over, but stay tuned for the archives! -serac
11:19 PMJeff w/Vanessa, Jeff says work the lies right now. Jeff says 3rd place. He says you killed it in there. She says so much blood... -serac (Long Post, Read More...)
11:02 PMJeff w/Vanessa & Austin, she is telling him that she wouldn't have won against him. She is still working it. She asks him hate her. She says she was only trying to help Liz. Vanessa says that he got too close to Johnny. She has mad respect for him. She says she plays games for a living. They hug. Austin says we are fine. She slaps him, she says it is one of the tricks he taught her. Jeff asks if Vanessa is going to run Austin's life in real life. Vanessa says Liz is great in playing poker. -serac
10:56 PMJeff w/Steve BB#17 Winner, he says he is feeling alot of things, winning was not one of them. Jeff says he was a boy now a man.... -serac (Long Post, Read More...)
10:43 PMJeff w/Julia, she says she tripped tonight & was bleeding. Julia is happy that people liked them. She says she will stay in .... -serac (Long Post, Read More...)
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