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Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
4:36 AMAll quiet in the BB House. NT
4:30 AMVic very restless. Has her eyes open much of the time. NT
4:20 AMVic to BR. Looks for Der then heads to KT. Der out of WC, washes hands, and hears Vic in KT. Der passes thru KT on his way back to bed. No conversation. Der back to bed. Vic to WC. Vic back to bed.
4:10 AMDer heads to WC. Vic looks up and calls his name after he has left FR. NT
3:32 AMCod in bed in RR. House lights are off. NT
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Big Brother USA News
Posts in BB News & Rumors (More)
9/22/14The princess, the player and the puppetmaster who played the perfect game made it to the final 3! Who will be the last player standing? Preview
9/22/14Joan Grande: let's vote ZACH AFP! IT'S FAIR
9/20/14RHAP: Big Brother 16 Episode 39 Recap and Final HoH Updates
9/20/14Jeff Schroeder catches up with this weeks latest evicted Houseguest, Caleb Reynolds!
Posts in BB Highlights (More)
9/19/14HOH part II: Derrick won . Victoria Cries alone in the Bathroom Derrick thanks Cody for helping him study. NT
9/17/14HOH Part I: Victoria fell off. She started Crying. Derrick consoled her. Derr tried to get Cody to fall. Cody didnt. Derrick slipped/fell. Cody WON NT
9/17/14Rehashing almost all of the season. The three and it is interesting because it 's their spin. NT
9/17/14Cody makes the final decision and evicts Caleb and tells Victoria of The Hitmen. NT
Posts in BB Media (More)
9/22/14America's Favorite, Credit where credit is due.
9/22/14Last day to vote Donny fans!!! We have today till 9:59 a.m. PT to get our votes in!!! Donny for America's Favorite!!! <3
9/22/14Open letter to Chris Roach, Allison Grodner, CBS, Julie inside
9/22/14Company Cody works for called Total Entertainment. (please advise if this is already posted)
Posts in BB Alumni (More)
9/15/14Pic Porsche uploaded of herself to Instagram last week. She's still looking smokin' hot!
9/13/14Downloaded 'God's Pocket' and see Eddie McGee (winner BBUS1) is in it!! He is doing VERY well for himself. YAY! (IMDb link inside).
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