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Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
1:22 AM1:01 Pilar says if there's no stupid secret veto Bobby's going home because that's what happens to liars. Kevin says they'regoing to be so pissed because he just told them he was going to put up Godfrey. Kevin says he's heard the "I got you" line about 300 times and he's been hugged by Bruno about 400 times.
1:18 AM12:54 Kevin says Bruno never talks to him he just keeps saying "I got you". Pilar says Bobby/Bruno never give them informationand haven't given them any reason to trust them. They say B/B are loyal to Z/A and not to them.
1:13 AM12:53 Kevin says he's going to tell everyone tomorrow except Bobby/Bruno because it will make good TV. NT
1:12 AM12:47 Kev/Pilar says if the secret veto doesn't exist then Bobby just sits on the block and goes home. Pilar says she wouldrather have Bruno go home. He considers taking Britt down and putting up Bruno but they say if Bobby vetoes himself then he has to put a new person up. They decide that's a bad idea. Kevin says he has to leave the noms the same. Kevin says if Bobby made up the secret veto it's going to send him home.
1:03 AM12:36 Kevin/Pilar in HOH. Kevin says Zach won HOH and POV and made the move he wanted to and Kevin is doing the same thing.Kevin is considering telling Bobby/Bruno before the ceremony. Kevin says it's better TV if he just wings it. He says he'll tell Willow and Britt and Sarah before the ceremony. Kevin says he has a ton of good reasons for getting out Bobby/Bruno.
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