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Sat 12:45 AM BBTJulia acted out Real Housewives.. Liz does Orange is the New Black. Meg's turn. NT - HumanFrailty
Sat 12:43 AM BBTJulia thinking of what to act out. Steve's suggestion of doing the Daily Show is shot down and mocked by Liz and Austin. NT - HumanFrailty
Sat 12:42 AM BBTSteve acting out something as part of the Charades game. NT - HumanFrailty
Sat 12:41 AM BBTJulia suggests doing charades. Austin comes and sits down by Liz. NT - HumanFrailty
Sat 12:40 AM BBTVan asks if she should throw the veto. After a thinking moment, James tells her to do what is best for her game. NT - Dolffie
Sat 12:40 AM BBTLiving Room group asking Steve to do something cool with hula hoop. Steve tells punny jokes. NT - HumanFrailty
Sat 12:33 AM BBTVanessa pulls James into room, tell him that Clelli asked her to be HGchoice& she agreed but wouldn't use it without James' ok. NT - Dolffie
Sat 12:29 AM BBTClelli choosing Becky (for POV HG choice) would throw shade on her. --Steve NT - Dolffie
Sat 12:28 AM BBTSteve wants to keep as many layers of targets in front of them as possible. Clelli going would remove a layer. NT - Dolffie
Sat 12:26 AM BBTVanessa discussing POV w/Steve. She will play if she can, she's scared of the backdoor. Wants to strategize with Steve over best moves. NT - Dolffie
Sat 12:24 AM BBTSteve & Van: S thinks Becky should be HG choice for Clelli. Van says Becky asked them not to. She wants to ride the middle. He - Dolffie
points out they don't need her permission. If she is picked, she plays.
Sat 12:06 AM BBTLiz tells JMac they have to give back their WackStreet boys headsets. JMac says "Why?!?" Liz mentions something about Jason. Fish. NT - MattSF
Sat 12:02 AM BBTJames swears he peed during the endurance comp. NT - Dolffie
Sat 12:02 AM BBTJulia telling JMac how she considered dental school. NT - MattSF
Fri 11:59 PM BBTJohnny Mac and Julia discuss braces and retainers. NT - Dolffie
Fri 11:57 PM BBTAustin is a huge fan of soap operas. Hopes he gets to be on the Bold & the Beautiful like other past HGs. NT - Dolffie
Fri 11:54 PM BBTHOH group is now shocked that it is already August... Meg says tomorrow is August 1st and others are skeptical (Meg is correct) NT - DanixDom
Fri 11:51 PM BBTAustin now joins HOH.. James tells him to grab one of the beers NT - DanixDom
Fri 11:50 PM BBTVanessa tells James she understands his move by thinking ahead, James says that he thinks for everyone when he makes moves NT - DanixDom
Fri 11:50 PM BBTJackie says that the nomination ceremony was very awkward NT - DanixDom
Fri 11:49 PM BBTVanessa says she was shocked and hurt, ADC crew console her (oh and Becky is there too) NT - DanixDom
Fri 11:48 PM BBTVanessa tells HOH group that Shelli/Clay really pissed her off for throwing her under the bus at nom ceremony NT - DanixDom
Fri 11:47 PM BBTVanessa heads up to HOH, to make the deal with James, and begins talking with James, Jackie, and Meg NT - DanixDom
Fri 11:47 PM BBTWe can consistently hear a twin (Liz?) and JMac yelling from LR NT - DanixDom
Fri 11:47 PM BBTSteve walks out of toilet without washing hands NT - DanixDom
Fri 11:46 PM BBTAustin wants to wait until after POV is played to make the deal NT - DanixDom
Fri 11:46 PM BBTVanessa thinks that Austin and her should make a deal with James, not including Liz or Meg to make him feel safe NT - DanixDom
Fri 11:44 PM BBTVanessa says that Steve does not bring anything to the table in Freaks and Geeks, Austin saying he might put him up this week... j - DanixDom
ust as Steve walks in and conversation stops
Fri 11:42 PM BBTVanessa says that using Veto would be taking a huge risk for Clay/Shelli that Clelli never took for them (Austin/Van) NT - DanixDom
Fri 11:42 PM BBTAustin says it's ridiculous for Clay/Shelli to expect Austin to use Veto since it would likely be Liz as replacement NT - DanixDom
Fri 11:42 PM BBTAustin tells Vanessa that they just need to get through the week, says that Shelli should have won HOH NT - DanixDom
Fri 11:41 PM BBTVanessa and Austin now talking in BR... Austin tells Vanessa that he told James he would do whatever James wanted him to this week NT - DanixDom
Fri 11:40 PM BBTShelli says they need to get the alliance back together, Clay and Shelli then hug it out NT - DanixDom
Fri 11:40 PM BBTVanessa says that's why she needs to talk to Austin and get in his head NT - free12ryley
Fri 11:40 PM BBTShelli Asks Vanessa do you think James made a deal with Austin and the twins? NT - free12ryley
Fri 11:39 PM BBTAfter Van leaves, Clay asks Shelli if Vanessa seems to be acting weird to her. Shelli says she thinks she is just upset NT - DanixDom
Fri 11:39 PM BBTShelli says that she is worried James is going to spin a deal with Austin/twins and Vanessa leaves to go talk to Austin NT - DanixDom
Fri 11:38 PM BBTClay says this has been our alliance for awhile and we need to stick together NT - free12ryley
Fri 11:38 PM BBTShelli asks Vanessa that if she is foolish to think that if one of Shelli/Clay goes down they will have the votes to keep the othe - DanixDom
r. Vanessa says no - she has a lot of influence with Austin/twins and thinks they will be safe
Fri 11:36 PM BBTVanessa tells Clay/Shelli to pick Meg and herself if they both get HG choice because she will compete for them and Meg is the weak - DanixDom
est competitor (ed - is there two HG choices?)
Fri 11:36 PM BBTClay asks about if maybe he picks Austin for POV, how would that look? NT - free12ryley
Fri 11:35 PM BBTVanessa says she has ideas/options of ways to save CLELLI NT - free12ryley
Fri 11:34 PM BBTVanessa comparing Sixth Sense's run to playing poker - sometimes it goes really well but then you hit bad spots NT - DanixDom
Fri 11:34 PM BBTClay says if there is ever a time Shelli and Clay need Vanessa, it's right now NT - free12ryley
Fri 11:34 PM BBTShelli asks what is wrong with Vanessa, and she replies that it has been a very terrible day for her. NT - DanixDom
Fri 11:32 PM BBTVanessa says the twins are easily convinced of things NT - free12ryley
Fri 11:32 PM BBTNow talking about James breaking his deal with Shelli... Vanessa: I would NEVER make a deal with the whole house and then go again - DanixDom
st it. Shelli says that Steve said that has never happened in BB (wtf - of course it has?)
Fri 11:30 PM BBTVanessa tells Shelli & Clay to be careful with the twins because they need their votes.. Shelli and Clay swear they have never bad - DanixDom
mouthed either of them. Vanessa asks them if it's true and both say of course!
Fri 11:26 PM BBTClay, Shelli, and Vanessa talking in bedroom... Shelli tells Vanessa that James told Austin one of the twins would be the replacem - DanixDom
ent nominee. They agree that it's stupid because he would have two extra targets
Fri 11:25 PM BBTMeg says that this week is mainly about the fallout from last week - Jackie says it's not just revenge, this is gameplay NT - DanixDom

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