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Thu 10:17 PM BBTCody tells Derrick he is going to bed & heads to the FR. Victoria asks Derrick if he could not lay down while they play & ..... - serac
he says what does it matter, & he is laying down because his back hurts. She says she doesn't like him playing like that he should be sitting up.
Thu 10:14 PM BBTCody gets up & Derrick asks if he is going down for the night, he says most likely & heads off to the BR. NT - serac
Thu 10:01 PM BBTCody appears to be sleeping on the couch with his hat over his eyes. NT - serac
Thu 10:00 PM BBTDerrick & Victoria are playing a board game now that they got from BB, she is TRYING to explain the rules a bit at a time to him. NT - serac
Thu 8:42 PM BBTHG are playing card tricks. NT - serac
Thu 7:58 PM BBTDerrick's in the FR going over comps. to study for the HOH comp. NT - serac
Thu 7:51 PM BBTVictoria has been asking BB for a deck of regular cards & they got them. She is so happy now. NT - serac
Thu 7:32 PM BBTIt seems the cards go with the game & no one knows how to play it, they say peices are missing but they are going to try & see... - serac
they can figure it out somehow. The cards have questions on them.
Thu 7:32 PM BBTLast hour. Chit chat. People Cody works with. Holla's over and over. Snack making. Now they have a stack of question cards. NT - Faxedit
Thu 7:29 PM BBTDerrick went in the SR & found a deck of cards & a game, they thank BB & are so excited. Cody gets up from laying on the couch. NT - serac
Thu 7:28 PM BBTVictoria Derrick are in the kit. making something to eat. NT - serac
Thu 6:27 PM BBTChat turns to American Pie movie & the character Nadia NT - onegal
Thu 6:19 PM BBTVic wonders if they will fly home with their families after finale NT - onegal
Thu 6:17 PM BBTCody wants to get his body right & not be sick NT - onegal
Thu 6:16 PM BBTCody cant wait to see his friends,family and go out again NT - onegal
Thu 6:13 PM BBTVic joins the guys NT - onegal
Thu 6:12 PM BBTDer/Cody going over who won past comps NT - onegal
Thu 6:11 PM BBTCody tells Derrick that he will smoke the comp (part 2) NT - onegal
Thu 6:10 PM BBTDerrick doesn't want it to be an OTEV comp, thinks will be knowledge NT - onegal
Thu 6:08 PM BBTDerrick thinks comp tomorrow will be in the middle of the day NT - onegal
Thu 6:07 PM BBTDerrick lays on LR couch "guys Im dying here" Cody lays down on the other couch. Vic rinsing articles of clothing in BR sink NT - onegal
Thu 6:02 PM BBTTalk is about card games NT - onegal
Thu 5:59 PM BBTVictoria hopes her parents & brother come to LA for finals & little vacation NT - onegal
Thu 5:40 PM BBTAfter several rnds of the lime tossing game, 1st place-Victoria, 2nd place-Derrick, 3rd place-Cody - onegal
Hgs play another game
Thu 5:40 PM BBTHG's shooting plastic limes into a pot. Vic beat Derrick in the finals. Vic to Der "A taste of what is gonna happen tomorrow." NT - eureca
Thu 5:25 PM BBTTaking turns throwing plastic limes into pot on kitchen table NT - onegal
Thu 5:25 PM BBTThe new game is tossing plastic limes in a kettle. NT - Scott3325
Thu 5:24 PM BBTVic sprays air freshener in SR NT - Scott3325
Thu 5:24 PM BBTVic sprays the SR with an air freshener NT - onegal
Thu 5:22 PM BBTCody sniffs the plastic water pitcher & smells nothing, his nose is congested NT - onegal
Thu 5:22 PM BBTCod can't smell it NT - Scott3325
Thu 5:21 PM BBTDer finds what is smelling in SR. Wants Cod to smell it. NT - Scott3325
Thu 5:20 PM BBTCody discovers Derrick right away behind the fridge in the SR NT - onegal
Thu 5:20 PM BBTCod finds Der NT - Scott3325
Thu 5:19 PM BBTCod finds Vic NT - Scott3325
Thu 5:19 PM BBTVictoria is in the open closet in RR, Cody finds her NT - onegal
Thu 5:18 PM BBTCod out of WC washing his hands. Several Hollas. NT - Scott3325
Thu 5:17 PM BBTDer behind refrigerator NT - Scott3325
Thu 5:16 PM BBTDer in SR. Vic in RR behind pillows. Cod still counting. NT - Scott3325
Thu 5:15 PM BBTDer: Running out of spots already. NT - Scott3325
Thu 5:14 PM BBTVic finds them in DR and screams. NT - Scott3325
Thu 5:13 PM BBTVic "are they in the DR?" NT - onegal
Thu 5:13 PM BBTVic: Are they in the DR? NT - Scott3325
Thu 5:13 PM BBTCod & Der behind DR seat NT - Scott3325
Thu 5:12 PM BBTVic upstairs and down NT - Scott3325
Thu 5:12 PM BBTShe checks the beehive room, heads upstairs NT - onegal
Thu 5:11 PM BBTVic: What the heck! NT - Scott3325
Thu 5:11 PM BBTVic checks BH again NT - Scott3325
Thu 5:11 PM BBTProduction called Vic to exchange microphones NT - onegal
Thu 5:10 PM BBTVic looks in SR, RR, FR. (Guys are hiding in DR) NT - onegal

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