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Thu 12:16 AM BBTNene comes out from DR, they said she was in there for an hour. Willow is teasing her that she got diamond POV NT - MountainHip
Thu 12:15 AM BBTJp telling Godfrey he is getting a lot of screentime for killing in the comp and ripping into Sindy. Godfrey says he's not proud - Energizerbunny
of ripping into Sindy
Thu 12:10 AM BBTCraig looks to Willow to confirm if she thinks Kev could put Sarah up, Willow confirms/agrees. NT - MountainHip
Thu 12:04 AM BBTKevin says to JP that when they were against each other in HOH comp, it was a fight to get the question wrong NT - MountainHip
Wed 11:36 PM BBTCgraig, God, and Bruno are comteplating if Kev would but Johnny up as a pawn, and discussing the possibility of Srah going home to - MountainHip
they also say Ashleigh and Willow are floaters. Bruno says to put Johnny and Nene up, and then Johnny will be mad at Kevin, then if J wins HOH he will put up Kevin. God says he's not close enough to Kev to propose that. They say they know that Nene is going up. They say if Johnny is up, he's a comp beast and can when veto.
Wed 11:29 PM BBTBruno says that he clapped by accident when Nene got kicked out of the comp. he didn't want ppl to know he clapped NT - MountainHip
Wed 11:23 PM BBTthe boys say that Nene can't win Veto over Godfrey, and Bobby says if HG choice comes up to pick him for it. NT - MountainHip
Wed 11:04 PM BBTBruno, Kev, Zach, and Bobby are on the couches in the BY - MountainHip
All the boys congratulate Kevin. Bobby exclaims that the boys are running the house. They say it will be 5 for 5 in comps. They say the HN comp is tomorrow. Bobby said it was fun to host the HN comp. They say tomorrow when they wake up Sindy's pic will be grey. And they hope the weights will be back. They say they heard the cheers for NeNe.
Wed 10:56 PM BBTWillow asks what they should do with the cake, Johnny just said the cake was for him. They also said they want to save it - MountainHip
for the "next one" - Godfrey's BD.
Wed 10:48 PM BBTAll HGs are hanging out in big groups, either in the SR, or the Kitch. no game talk. NT - MountainHip
Wed 10:42 PM BBTNene is saying to Kevin that her & Kev need to speak to Johnny,she says that Kevin would have been evicted,& that he's a targ. NT - MountainHip
Wed 10:41 PM BBTSindy gone. Kevin Hoh. NT - NorthBayCJ
Wed 10:32 PM BBTJohnny, Ashleigh, Willow, Pilar, are in the bathroom, it's apparent they got alcohol, Johnny says he feels - MountainHip
drunk, Willow said she chugged it.
Wed 10:25 PM BBTGod and Bruno are in the Kitchen saying someone (a girl) wanted to get the guys out they say Ashleigh kicked her out. (perhaps it' - MountainHip
perhaps it's Sarah they are talking about)
Wed 10:24 PM BBTGraig and Sarah are in the storage room deciding what to eat. They both say they would volunteer to be HN NT - MountainHip
Wed 5:53 PM BBTFeeds have been down since about noon or so (Eastern). The slideshow continues. NT - Singaling
Wed 10:53 AM BBTyesterday - Godfrey Graig? accused sindy of breaking camera, i did not see but came on to see sindy crying. Later godf and sindy - AceRimmer
meet in washroom, clear the air. sindy tells godfr a bunch of info including how Graig wanted him out first week and was saying godfr broke the cam that am. Godf looks shocked.

later sindy is talking to girls, she trusts godfr and thinks she has a good chance of staying. Naeha and ?? are there too. convo ws in bedroom

quite a bit later near bedtime we catch godfr telling Graig EVerytHING /graig gets mad wants to go confront sindy. godf tlks him out of it.

all this /more details and times can be found in discussions
Wed 9:26 AM BBTThe lights are on, but no HG's are moving. NT - littlemissvixxn
Wed 6:01 AM BBTHouseguests woken up again to watch the video NT - Energizerbunny
Wed 4:01 AM BBTHouseguests are being woken up again to watch the video NT - Energizerbunny
Wed 2:45 AM BBTThe hgs had been in bed for a while, but music came on and they had to go to the living room and watch the zoo video again NT - Energizerbunny
Tue 11:02 PM BBTG: dont worry dude im gonna fade it out, you will look like a new man NT - notnorman
Tue 10:58 PM BBTAshleigh about Bobby's hair: its definitely rugged NT - notnorman
Tue 10:27 PM BBTG: ive never used scissors but whats the worst that can happen? NT - notnorman
Tue 10:25 PM BBTG giving bobby a haircut NT - notnorman
Tue 10:24 PM BBTash bobby Sindy g JP and Bruno in the bathR NT - notnorman
Tue 10:23 PM BBTJP to Sindy: you got nothing to be ashamed about u did a good job, come downstairs. pilar comes in and hugs Sindy and leaves NT - notnorman
Tue 10:21 PM BBTJP: ill be fighting for u, you never know there could be a twist, you could go to sequester and Canada could vote u back in NT - notnorman
Tue 10:20 PM BBTjp to cin: your going home tomorrow so far as i know, you dont need to campain NT - notnorman
Tue 10:19 PM BBTjp: im gonna miss u come visit me any time NT - notnorman
Tue 10:18 PM BBTJP to cin" i wanna make u happy cin: is the consensus that they are voting me out tomorrow? jp" yes enjoy the time u have left NT - notnorman
Tue 10:16 PM BBTjp to cin" why do u have a crush on me? cin: i dont NT - notnorman
Tue 10:15 PM BBTcin: ive been to England 3 times in the last 4 months NT - notnorman
Tue 10:14 PM BBTjp and cin talking about the "game" NT - notnorman
Tue 10:12 PM BBTjp: are you feeling better kev? Kev: yes...cin:why? Kev" i felt the need to sexually release myself NT - notnorman
Tue 10:10 PM BBTJP consoling Sindy on her imminent eviction NT - notnorman
Tue 10:09 PM BBTcin:its better to cry in the shower NT - notnorman
Tue 10:07 PM BBTjp: at least u dint cry annd pee in the HT NT - notnorman
Tue 10:06 PM BBTcin: i cry in the BathR so no one can see NT - notnorman
Tue 10:06 PM BBTjp to cin: you wanna make out now? NT - notnorman
Tue 10:04 PM BBTall seem to be in the bathR NT - notnorman
Tue 10:03 PM BBTsarah to cin: He (godfrey) wanted u to react NT - notnorman
Tue 10:00 PM BBTjonny: at the end of the day its just a ***** situation NT - notnorman
Tue 9:59 PM BBTcin: ididnt take godfreys apology NT - notnorman
Tue 9:58 PM BBTcin: how insensitive would i be not to tell them i did it? NT - notnorman
Tue 9:58 PM BBTcin: if i did this i would have gone to the dr and told them NT - notnorman
Tue 9:57 PM BBTcin to sarah and jonny ad willow: it could have been broken along time ago who knows? NT - notnorman
Tue 9:54 PM BBTgraig to P and bruno: we will know tomorrow after we evict her and then they give us our food (meaning that she broke the cam) NT - notnorman
Tue 9:52 PM BBTKevin and P wrestling P giggles and says to K go shower Kevin: im gonna tell everyone we were the first in the bb house NT - notnorman
Tue 9:50 PM BBTkevin to P: im gonna be fresh tonight P:just for me? NT - notnorman

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