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Wed 11:21 PM BBTThanks for watching this season of Big Brother! BB17 is now over, but stay tuned for the archives! NT - serac
Wed 11:19 PM BBTJeff w/Vanessa, Jeff says work the lies right now. Jeff says 3rd place. He says you killed it in there. She says so much blood... - serac
sweat & tears in every decision. She says she could play perfectly & still lose. (She is doing her talk a million miles) She says sometimes she has emotions & cry. Says all her tears are real, she says once a month my emotion go wild. She talks about how she got close to the twins. Vanessa was hoping Steve would make a mistake & take her with him, she knew she would win then, but he didn't. She says the twins were her best allies. Vanessa keeps saying why couldn't I have gotten #2. She does not know what she will do next. Needs some quiet time. Says she loves DJ'ing, wants to be a festival traveling DJ. She is on the verge of crying all along. Jeff gave her a tissue box with no tissue but beanies instead. She says this will strip you of everything. She won't shut up, she seems like she is gonna lose it. She says this is the hardest game to play.

Jeff says that is it & Thanks for watching!
Wed 11:02 PM BBTJeff w/Vanessa & Austin, she is telling him that she wouldn't have won against him. She is still working it. She asks him not.... - serac
to hate her. She says she was only trying to help Liz. Vanessa says that he got too close to Johnny. She has mad respect for him. She says she plays games for a living. They hug. Austin says we are fine. She slaps him, she says it is one of the tricks he taught her. Jeff asks if Vanessa is going to run Austin's life in real life. Vanessa says Liz is great in playing poker.
Wed 10:56 PM BBTJeff w/Steve BB#17 Winner, he says he is feeling alot of things, winning was not one of them. Jeff says he was a boy now a man.... - serac
Jeff thought he was going to throw up, Steve says he almost did. Jeff says he met Steve's mom & she was gonna throw up. Steve says now you know where I get it from. Jeff says he speeches were on point, he thanks him. Steve says Vanessa is a Dr. Will & a tie with Maggie. He can't believe all the things that Vanessa talked others into doing for her. He does say that Vanessa is a brillant player. He has no idea on the $ because he never thought he would win, he will pay off some college loans. He is greatful & happy he got picked to be on. He keeps losing his train of thought. Jeff gives him a mini chess set, & fake money. He thanks everybody for their support.
Wed 10:43 PM BBTJeff w/Julia, she says she tripped tonight & was bleeding. Julia is happy that people liked them. She says she will stay in .... - serac
w/she says Austin, Vanessa & Steve. She misses her I-phone. Future they (Liz & her) want to start a business they don't know what though, but with the $ Liz just won. And they are going on vacation without Austin to Bora Bora (spelling). Julia says she isn't sure how long Liz & Austin will make it, says he met their parents & she guesses it went well. Jeff got her the magnetic dress up doll too.
Wed 10:24 PM BBTJeff w/Liz, She says hi to live feeders. She was down in the dumps did not think she was going to be in the F/2 but then Steve... - serac
picked her. She says he did it on purpose by not telling her. Liz is taking Julia on a really nice vacation. She doesn't know what will happen between her & Austin, she says they will make it work. Doesn't know if she will move or if he will move. She is glad the BB experience is over. Going to the concert was the most fun in the house she had. Austin walks up & kisses her, Liz says he is a keeper. Jeff gave her a magnetic dress up doll with a bikini.
Wed 10:14 PM BBTJeff w/Shelli, she is happy & sad about it being over. Happy to see Clay, hadn't seen him in 7 weeks. Jeff kids her about Clay... - serac
not being good. Clay went & met her brother. She thinks they were a good season cause they had lots of drama. She says it was hard to be separated. Shelli says her & Clay might do the Amazing Race together. She says it would be a good 1st date. Jeff got her a black puma cat. She thanks all the Clelli fans.
Wed 10:04 PM BBTJeff w/Austin, Jeff wants to touch the beard ponytail. He is very proud of Steve, glad Liz made it to the F/2. He was so happy... - serac
to see Vanessa come out. Didn't like the way Vanessa swore on things like she did. Austin says he needs to get back to working out w/his coaches & spend some time with Liz. He says the Judas thing didn't work for him. He wants to get back into wrestling. Jeff got him barbarian doll with lots of face hair.
Wed 9:43 PM BBTJeff w/Becky, says been a great night & she's happy that Steve won, similar to Ian. But Vanessa brought her A-Game. Both... - serac
happy & sad that it's over. Says she will be wondering why the house is so clean when she gets home. Can't believe it's Fall already. She says she would come back to do BB again, wants to do Survivor first. She says she should have made better connections in the game. She says she will stay in touch with most everybody. Jeff got her a wind up train.
Wed 9:34 PM BBTJeff w/DaVonne, she wanted Vanessa to win but glad Steve won. She is being a mom. Says it's weird cause it's been so long... - serac
since she has seen them. She won't have drinks w/some HG but she will be cordial. Jeff got her a "ride or die" toy???
Wed 9:30 PM BBTJeff w/Meg, she was shocked that Vanessa wasn't in the F/2. She says Steve deserved to win. Says Vanessa played an amazing game... - serac
but not like she would have played it. Meg talks of the praying mantis & she will remember it. Jeff says hey Meg what about James, he has $25 K, Meg says drinks are on him. Jeff talks of how easy she gets drunk (with Clay). Next she is going to just chill out. Says she will keep in touch w/HG, can't wait to call Jason right now. Jeff got her a Grandma Meg toy.
Wed 9:24 PM BBTJeff w/Jason, he wishes Vanessa would have been more aggressive. Says this was a different & unique cast compared to other years. - serac
Says there was a lot of mistrust in the game. Says he should have put on a face & played the game. Hopes they remain friends but you never know. We'll see what happens now that $ is not involved. Life Is In the future for him. He's not moving out there, stay in mom's basement & work at the grocery store. Jeff gives him a white hat to remind him of his boy band.
Wed 9:17 PM BBTJason just told Jeff he would have loved to see Vanessa win. Jeff/Jason discuss wanting Van to own her game in DR. NT - Harper_Lee
Wed 9:16 PM BBTJeff w/James, America's favorite HG says Jeff. He says he loved to have fun in the BB House. Jeff tells of his friends from... - serac
home in a bar & Jeff invites himself there. He thought Vanessa would be winning, he had to rethink things. He thought Vanessa played a great game. Jeff says James made some big moves in the house. James will keep in touch with all of them he hopes. James says he watched Steve become a man before our eyes. He wants to do more reality shows for CBS. Jeff gave James a little Camo guy.
Wed 9:14 PM BBTJames just said that his heart dropped when Vanessa came through the door to jury. He said he was cheering for her. Verbatim NT - Harper_Lee
Wed 9:09 PM BBTJeff w/Jackie, she says she played a low key game. She says if F/2 was Vanessa & Liz she would have given it to Vanessa but..... - serac
Vanessa & Steve she still would have given it to Steve. Says she will remain friends w/Meg, James, Jason & ect. She wants to get home but is thinking about doing Survivor. Jeff gives her a Vegas dancing flower.
Wed 9:02 PM BBTJeff w/Audrey, she says it's great a superfan won. She says she wouldn't wear her blanket if she had it to do over. She thought.. - serac
Vanessa would get to the end but she didn't. She says Steve came to play the game but no one knew it, she would have voted for him. She has a lot going on now, lots of support from fans. Jeff gives her a blanket! She says good luck but don't everyone apply it's harder than it looks.
Wed 8:53 PM BBTJeff w/Jace, he says he would come back but tone it down a bit. He liked watching it says Vanessa played really hard. He likes... - serac
Steve winning. Jeff gives him a bro-stick from the dollar store (Jeff said see it's like a glo-stick but it's a bro-stick).
Wed 8:49 PM BBTJeff w/Clay now, back in school at A&M, family. He says it was magical seeing Shelli again. They will take things day by day & he. - serac
promised her a date. He is happy for Steve says he was not a floater. Clay says he would have voted for Steve to win. Clay is amazed how the backyard looks. Memory he will take with him is waking up in the house. Jeff gives Clay a toy bat to remember the BB House.
Wed 8:40 PM BBTJeff talked w/Johnny he says going back to doing teeth cause he didn't win, Jeff gave him a toy guitar. NT - serac
Wed 8:31 PM BBTLive feeds from backyard are about to start! NT - TheWookieWay
Wed 8:00 PM BBTJohnny Mac, James, Meg, Becky, Jackie & Shelli voted for Steve. Julia, Austin & Vanessa voted for Liz. Steve won 6/3. NT - serac
Wed 7:58 PM BBTFavorite Houseguest is JAMES! NT - serac
Wed 7:54 PM BBTWINNER of BB#17 is................. - serac
Wed 7:14 PM BBTSteve evicts VANESSA!!! NT - serac
Wed 7:08 PM BBTFinal HOH won by STEVE! NT - serac
Wed 10:40 AM BBTHuge thank you to all the updaters this season... - M3gabyt3
Please head over to our Thank You forum to post a thank you note.
Wed 10:19 AM BBTSteve: "I'll be back on your end of the computer next year." Liz: "And yeah tune in to BB18. This was the best experience ever! and we had so - HumanFrailty
much fun!"
Wed 10:15 AM BBTVanessa's goodbye message: "I hope we weren't too boring for you guys just know that no matter how much it seemed like we were sleeping - HumanFrailty
a lot we played our hearts out. Everybody here really gave it 10000% and we hope you guys were able to see that and you found it at least mildly entertaining. Thank you for being fans!"
Wed 10:09 AM BBTSteve's goodbye message: "All I'll say is it's very strange being on the other end of the live feeds it really is. But let me be the example if you - HumanFrailty
want to be here you can do it. Because I was never going to make it here I'm a socially awkward nerd who doesn't know anything but just studied the casting process like nobody's business. And I got here. So there are fans who go to an open casting call affiliated randomly and get here."
Wed 10:07 AM BBTBig Brother Live Feeds- Tune in to the live feeds after tonight's finale as Jeff Schroeder is live from the backyard..... - serac
talking with all the Houseguests. Join Jeff right here. 11:30pm ET/8:30pm PT
Wed 10:06 AM BBTLiz's goodbye message: "Live feeders I hope you can see I just made you a goodbye message. We are going to miss you. Thank you for - HumanFrailty
watching us. We are ridiculous and crazy and we love you and we love chocolates as well."
Wed 10:03 AM BBTFeeds over now! (Til tonight!) NT - serac
Wed 10:03 AM BBTVanessa says in a baby voice that she is sad. NT - serac
Wed 10:02 AM BBTFeeds are over!!! NT - HumanFrailty
Wed 10:02 AM BBTLiz now tries to tell feeders what time it starts. NT - serac
Wed 10:01 AM BBTBB tells them to go up to the HOH room. Liz tells the others to get the cards. Vanessa: "I'm sad and all confused." :( NT - HumanFrailty
Wed 10:01 AM BBTLiz pitches that the live feeders watch the live show tonight with Vanessa's help on the time. NT - HumanFrailty
Wed 10:00 AM BBTLiz and Vanessa now talk about turkey burgers. NT - HumanFrailty
Wed 10:00 AM BBTThey all say Bye & then say that's it. NT - serac
Wed 10:00 AM BBTLiz tells live feeders to follow them on Instagram and Twitter. Liz: "We love you." Vanessa: "That's it." NT - HumanFrailty
Wed 9:59 AM BBTLiz says we are ridiculous & we love you Steve goes in a long speech & Vanessa wakes up to say goodbye. They all Thank Feeders.! NT - serac
Wed 9:59 AM BBTLiz: "Even though we are the F3 competing over half a million dollars we at the end of the day still kind of like each other." - HumanFrailty
Wed 9:59 AM BBTLiz: "Thank you for watching us. We love you. <3" NT - HumanFrailty
Wed 9:58 AM BBTLiz gives a goodbye message to the live feeds. Steve and Vanessa are up and delivering their goodbyes. NT - HumanFrailty
Wed 9:57 AM BBTThe HG know the feeds are going off soon, Liz makes that quite apparent she tells us how much she will miss us & so does Vanessa.. - serac
she is sleeping & dreaming of us (???)
Steve is Steve & makes a few comments, Liz made a heart with her hands for the feeders.
Wed 9:57 AM BBTSte moves one of the chocolates. Liz: Steve! Put it back! Ste: I'm very sneaky. And Fish..... NT - Scott3325
Wed 9:56 AM BBTLiz says they really loved chocolate wars and wanted to include it in the recap episode but production didn't want to. NT - HumanFrailty
Wed 9:55 AM BBTLiz wants to spell BYE with chocolates. Liz: "This is my gift to you live feeders. I don't know how you guys watched us all - HumanFrailty
summer. WE don't think we are cool but you did so yeah..."
Wed 9:53 AM BBTLiz is making her lemon drank. NT - HumanFrailty

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