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Tue 1:15 AM BBTJackie interrupts the talk, Clay leaves. Jeff says he's trying to break up Clay and Audrey because he wants to work with Clay. - shelly888
Jeff tells Jackie if Clay screws him over again then Clay better run because he's going to take him down.
Tue 1:14 AM BBTJeff tells Clay that the entire alliance wants Audrey out and makes Clay promise not to screw him over. Jeff makes Clay swear - shelly888
that he will not tell Shelli or Audrey anything he told him. Jeff and Clay confirm they want to be F2.
Tue 12:43 AM BBTAustin tells Julia to be careful about Shelli. Because she lurks around like Steve and goes back and tells everything to Aud. NT - pipper
Tue 12:25 AM BBTJace is asking Jeff to vote to keep him and that Jace will be loyal to Jeff. Says Jackie will never know it was him. - LiZinTeXaS
Jeff tells Jace Audrey is single most reason he is leaving and now Audrey is after Jeff and that she is crazy
Tue 12:24 AM BBTJace campaigns to Jeff. Jeff tells Jace that Audrey is single-handedly the reason he's leaving. Jeff says he doesn't really - shelly888
trust Clay anymore because he tested him tonight and he failed. Jeff says he's pissed. Jace says Clay also sold him out to Audrey. Both say they don't trust Clay and Audrey at all.
Tue 12:23 AM BBT11:57pm Meg and Clay go on a hammock date. - pipper
Austin finishes giving Clay a neck massage. He says he needs a cigarette after that. Then he says to Meg he hasn't talked to her all day. Jackie is massaging Becky. Jason is smoking next to Meg.

Meg and Clay in hammock.
Clay claims he hasn't talked to anybody. asks her about the rumor of her and Jeff.
Clay says Jeff told him. Meg says she hasn't talked to Jeff and wants Clay to explain the rumor. she's confused.
Clay says Jeff and Meg were trying to get people out of their Group.
Meg says that's exactly what she heard.
Then she's asking why and who.
Clay wonders if there's a saboteur. she says she'll find out who said it from Jeff.

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Tue 12:20 AM BBTShelli says to Audrey that Clay doesn't ask enough questions before relaying information. NT - shelly888
Tue 12:19 AM BBTJeff tells Audrey that the rumor came from Jace. NT - shelly888
Tue 12:18 AM BBTAudrey tells Jeff that Clay told her about the rumor. Audrey tells Jeff that Day told her that Jeff's using Meg. NT - shelly888
Mon 11:56 PM BBTJason to Audrey. Jace is eating all their food because he wants to go out with a bang! Jason wants to stop giving him cigs. NT - pipper
Mon 11:40 PM BBT10:28-10:31pm Jeff pulls Davonne into the HaveNot room - pipper
feeds cut in on them...
they discuss can't tell clay because he is tight with Audrey.
He says he's Glad that they agree.
Jeff asks her why does it matter if he and Meg talk. They're in an alliance.
Davonne agrees and equates it to her relationship with Jason. She says she wants to take Meg all the way. Do NOT take Audrey to jury.
Jeff says Austin was his first target. But now with this stuff going on he'll just put both of them up.
Austin came up to him and said he threw his name under the bus but that he's going after Audrey.
D says she doesn't know if she can trust Austin because the last time she said she didn't trust Audrey , they [either Jace, Liz or Austin] went and told Audrey. D says to be careful. J is surprised.
J says he'll pump the brakes on that.

They agree that if she wins HoH she might put D and J up. But if so. They just need to dethrone her and the other HoH put her up.
They high ten and leave.
Mon 11:36 PM BBTAudrey tells Meg that she has a gut feeling that Day has something to do with all the rumors being spread around the house. NT - shelly888
Mon 11:33 PM BBTAudrey tells Meg she would backdoor Day because she doesn't like Day and Jason together. NT - shelly888
Mon 11:33 PM BBTAudrey tells Meg that Clay asked her about the rumor. Audrey says Day made a comment about Jeff/Meg being close. - shelly888
Audrey asks Meg how much she trusts Jason. Meg says she's not sure.
Mon 11:13 PM BBT9:39-9:48pm Jeff pulls Liz/Julia into the HoH room. - pipper
After confirming with Jason that the plan is to go after Audrey, Jeff invites L/J "to come listen to TShift" with him. They both walk up to HoH. Austin comes the "mandatory" delay of 30 seconds later.
Jeff checks the bathroom.
J: Real quick. We all want to come together for a quick move. Pretty much strategize for this next week.
L: Anything to put the pressure off me.
J: Well it's something that we all need. Honestly I just found out something. And I'm tired of dealing with it.
L: Why?
J: it's just the person that's been creating issues for everybody in this house and has singally effected
A: [mumbles something]
J: So basically one of us has t...

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Mon 10:56 PM BBTClay tells Audrey that Jeff asked him about a Jeff/Meg rumor. Audrey says she was sleeping all day. NT - shelly888
Mon 10:51 PM BBTJeff tells Liz and Jackie that he doesn't care who wins HOH as long as it's not Audrey. NT - shelly888
Mon 9:43 PM BBTAustin to Liz & Jeff "This is the revolution. The revolution has begun." NT - UltimateWarrior
Mon 9:35 PM BBTAustin & Jeff both agree to target Audrey, and to leave Clay in the dark about their plans. NT - UltimateWarrior
Mon 9:34 PM BBTAustin tells Jeff that an "underground movement" is forming to get rid of Audrey. NT - UltimateWarrior
Mon 9:33 PM BBT Jackie called to DR several times. She changed clothes, Jason said they only wanted her cause she was in her "whorekini" NT - Josreason
Mon 9:31 PM BBTJeff pulled Aus to hammock room and told him that Audrey is his target. She is spreading lies about Jeff. Aus said there is... - ambersux
an underground movement to get Audrey out.

Austin warns Jeff that Audrey is working very closely with Clay and that they are with each other first. He asks Jeff not to tell.

Mon 9:27 PM BBTJason to Meg "Your vanilla milkshake brings all the boys to the yard!" NT - Kayla08
Mon 9:22 PM BBTClay and Steve are lifting weights in the BY. Clay "Beefcake in the making right here!" NT - Kayla08
Mon 9:19 PM BBTDay to John "You were in my dream today." John "Did I slay a dragon and kill it?" "No" John "Damn it! Then probably not good!" NT - Kayla08
Mon 8:14 PM BBTJason says Vanessa doesn't have many facial expressions so when he saw that, he knew it meant something NT - scoobydoo
Mon 8:13 PM BBTJason confiding to Day that earlier when a bunch of them were talking in the bathroom about random stuff, - scoobydoo
Vanessa was looking at him like he was trash. She looked like someone had farted in her mouth.
Mon 8:09 PM BBTJames agrees and says - as long as everyone is on board. Says Jase is a beast and now everyone will have a fighting chance NT - scoobydoo
Mon 8:09 PM BBTJohnny Mac tells James that he thinks it's his best move (getting ride of Jase) NT - scoobydoo
Mon 8:08 PM BBTJames says he is ready to leave the HOH room - has been up there for two weeks NT - scoobydoo
Mon 8:07 PM BBTMeg leaves HOH room and Jeff says they need to get someone else - get Liz - scoobydoo
he says Liz will probably think they want to have game talk but the three of them just want to ask her stupid questions
Mon 8:00 PM BBTJeff says he's glad jackie is here - she is nice - but Hayley on his season of Amazing Race was freaking hilarious NT - scoobydoo
Mon 7:59 PM BBTJeff starts talking about how he wishes one of his other TAR people was there. "Her name's Haley and..." FISH NT - ambersux
Mon 7:58 PM BBTJason and Day were talking about their clothes that was taken away from production pre-season. NT - BBFan1995
Mon 7:53 PM BBTAudrey says she had a dream that Shelli left. NT - ambersux
Mon 7:53 PM BBTAudrey said Jason was in her dream, and she had a box and Jason had a box too. And she said she don't get along with Leo, etc... - Josreason
He is a Leo but his Capricorn shines through a lot.
Mon 7:51 PM BBTJason says "sorry feeders I'm here for you." All these b's are asleep, and then Da'Vonne interrupts and says I'm backed up. NT - Josreason
Mon 7:49 PM BBTJeff says he gets in arguments with kids when he plays XBOX Live NT - ambersux
Mon 7:39 PM BBTJohn says he will shotgun two beers if he wins HOH next week. He will need lots of info bc he's been out of the loop all week NT - ambersux
Mon 7:41 PM BBTED Note: This was prompted when James asked him what he would do. NT - ambersux
Mon 7:39 PM BBTHOH crew wonders why Vanessa and Liz have not been upstairs? NT - Josreason
Mon 7:39 PM BBTHOH group of 5 saying Liz has only been to the HOH room once and Vanessa has never been up there. NT - ambersux
Mon 7:38 PM BBTJason asks Audrey why did you abandon her eyelashes? They find them all over the floor. Conversation switched to Broadway wicked - Josreason
And Book of Mormon. Jeff wants to see both. Meg thinks it's cute that Jeff talks about musicals. He wants to see Matilda the musical. Audrey said what would it take for [meg] to date James. James explains the things they would do in the country, she says she is a city girl and hates nature. He hates the city, they agree it's not meant to be. Audrey said there could be fireworks after a Taylor swift concert, James says he has friend zoned meg.
Mon 7:36 PM BBTAudrey asks Meg what it would take her to date James for a month. Meg says she doesn't do well in the outdoors. NT - ambersux
Mon 7:36 PM BBTJeff, Aud, John, James, Meg in HOH talking about broadway shows. NT - ambersux
Mon 7:34 PM BBTjeff begging producers for a buzz. A legitamite amount of alcohol. NT - Josreason
Mon 7:30 PM BBTJason talking about how Showtime 2 was way different than TVGN (now Pop!) NT - Josreason
Mon 7:29 PM BBTJason Jace and Day Talking about Jeff working for CBS, Erika Landin previously working for them. And Rachel NT - Josreason
Mon 7:27 PM BBTJason explaining that season 9 was such a hot mess with the twists in the winter season during the writers strike that season, - Josreason
Season 10 was the back to basic season with no twists. Jason said he already won because he is here.
Mon 7:26 PM BBTAud says she has a good sense of who will mesh well together-- Jeff and Audrey agree Clay and Shelli are just a "house thing" NT - ambersux

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