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Mon 7:08 AM BBTVic heads to bathroom with clothes bin; takes bra to w/c to put on; puts on blush and heads to hammock to tweeze chin NT - Planit69
Mon 7:06 AM BBTChristine heads to LR messes with something (looks like glasses, but it's too dark to see) and returns to HN room. NT - Planit69
Mon 6:56 AM BBT5:26am All Cams - Caleb hits Amber with a pillow while she's sleeping, she wakes up confused and heads to the storage - AlNisa
room to change her batteries.
Mon 6:25 AM BBTAll HG in bed NT - Planit69
Mon 4:33 AM BBTCaleb and Cody talking in BY. - iknowbigbro
Caleb says he thinks he could walk on to a MLB team right now and be good. He says he could prob try out for the NFL and says that hes never played soccer but what hes seen he thinks he could get drafted. (No joke. Lmao)
Mon 4:08 AM BBTAdditional tidbits of Zach/Frankie game and personal talk in the few minutes after 2:31AM - jfung79
Caleb, Jocasta, Victoria, Hayden, Nicole, Donny seemed to be preferred eviction order.

Zach originally didn't place Caleb, and Frankie is the one who said Caleb needs to leave soon. Zach also originally listed Hayden at the end right before Donny, then Frankie said Hayden needed to leave sooner so Zach said Hayden after Caleb at the beginning, and Frankie thought that was too early to which Zach said they need to backdoor Hayden when they get the chance. Frankie said that would be tough and Zach agreed. Frankie pointed out either Victoria or Nicole, but not both of them, needs to leave before Hayden because they would vote for Hayden to stay. Zach thought that was a good p...

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Mon 3:58 AM BBTZach to Frankie in HoH bed: "Why don't you just go naked? I won't feel weird." NT - MattSF
Mon 3:57 AM BBTFrankie to Zach: "You're such an eloquent little dictator!" after hearing the rehearsed speech. NT - MattSF
Mon 3:54 AM BBTZach and Frankie in HoH discussing and practicing PoV speech that will be used on Amber. NT - MattSF
Mon 3:39 AM BBTCaleb to Cody- Put me up against the toughest guy of any season, I'll take them down. NT - impatient1
Mon 3:36 AM BBTNic told Hayden it seems like he's cuddling with Victoria every five minutes and having super long talks but he barely speaks to - impatient1
her, he says they're in a different level to where they don't need to talk that much (he and Nic)
Mon 3:35 AM BBTHayden is talking with Nicole in restroom, trying to calm her down and reassure Nicole that she can still trust Hayden. Earlier, - Alpha16
Nicole said she lost some trust in Hayden when Hayden revealed he knew about Zach's nomination speech beforehand and didn't tell Nicole.
Mon 3:32 AM BBTCaleb is now talking to Cody about Amber's mistrust of the alliance and Amber's other alliances, and how it's unfair to the - Alpha16
guys in the alliance.
Mon 3:18 AM BBTStrategy talk session with Cody/Nicole/Hayden in backyard. NT - Alpha16
Mon 3:06 AM BBTHayden tells Nicole that Zach did all the dirty work to make Caleb/Amber hate each other. Hayden says Caleb came up with the idea - Alpha16
to backdoor Amber, and Nicole is in awe at how unreal Caleb is.

Hayden says how much a puppet Caleb is. Hayden says Caleb doesn't know Hayden is using the POV on Victoria, Cal thinks its being used on Jocasta.
Mon 2:58 AM BBTHayden Nicole kind of made up, she still seems weary. Hayden telling her more about his game and the guys games this week. NT - impatient1
Mon 2:55 AM BBTHay- Donny thinks Derr and Frankie are the masterminds of this house, and he's right but I told him not to tell anyone that. NT - impatient1
Mon 2:53 AM BBTHay- Cody and Derrick tell me everything. They trust me way more than Zack. NT - impatient1
Mon 2:50 AM BBTI knew I had to tell you bc if it got out I was gonna be f*cked. NT - impatient1
Mon 2:48 AM BBTHayden told her who else knew. She looked teary eyed. Said she trusted him Derr and Cody most. NT - impatient1
Mon 2:41 AM BBTNic says she doesn't trust Hayden now. NT - impatient1
Mon 2:40 AM BBTHayden admits to Nic he knew she was going up and about the speech, Nic is livid. Said she didn't know she was going up and would - impatient1
have told him. Says who are you??

Hay says he would've went up if he told.

She can't believe he didn't tell her. She said she wouldn't have told.
Mon 2:31 AM BBTFrankie/Zach in HOH. Frankie told Zach he told Nicole about plan to make Amber think she's staying. Talk about speeches tmrw, Caleb, Christine, F2. - jfung79
Frankie said Nicole was feisty and said she wouldn't care about telling Amber she wasn't voting to keep her, Amber's not in jury! Zach liked that about Niocle and said he loves Nicole and would date her. Frankie said he knows Zach would.

Frankie will tell people Caleb told him to put up Amber but in his speech he'll just say he got some last minute information that made him put up Amber. People will wonder what it was, was it from Zach? From Caleb?

Zach will do his speech and won't include as much as what Caleb wants. Zach wondered if it was a bad look for him to be defending Caleb. Frankie said no, we're only putting on a show for Jocasta, Victoria, and Am...

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Mon 2:28 AM BBTZach says Caleb thinks it was his (Caleb's) idea to put up Amber. Frankie says we've been planning it since like day 3. NT - cher
Mon 2:26 AM BBTFrankie saying Hayden is going to tell Caleb just seconds before the POV meeting that he's taking down Victoria, not Jocasta. NT - cher
Mon 2:26 AM BBTZack said to Frankie that he would date Nicole. Frankie says I know. NT - impatient1
Mon 2:24 AM BBTFrankie/Zach in HOH. Frankie saying everyone is going to make Amber feel safe. He says part of his speech at POV will be - cher
that he just learned some new information that concerned him and left him with no other choice. He won't say names, so everyone will go crazy wondering who said what.
Mon 2:18 AM BBTCaleb- I wonder who will get credit for this big game move? Derr- you will. Cal- Maybe my rating will go up. It's brilliant. - impatient1
and if she does blow us up? We will say ok were working together and you're on the block, ok.
Mon 2:16 AM BBTCaleb to Derr in HN, Tomorrow's gonna be epic and she does NOT see it coming. NT - impatient1
Mon 2:11 AM BBTSeveral HG out on BY couches, Frankie's cuddling with Caleb, Christine's still rubbing Cody's hair and arm. Amber, Zach, Nicole - cher
out there too. Talking about HN beds, then laughing about the BOB in wedding dresses. They say tonight's episode was a good one and they can't wait to watch it.
Mon 1:55 AM BBTVictoria in HOH with Frankie now, says she just came to say goodnight. She says tomorrow will be dramatic. Frankie says Hayden - cher
hasn't told him what he's gonna do. Victoria is worried about her speech. She says her speech for Frankie, he gives her pointers.
Mon 1:52 AM BBTFrankie/Derrick talking about Team America task, worried Amber will just walk off and not argue with Zach. Frankie says all - cher
Zach has to do is yell at Amber for 20 seconds. Derrick says Zach's speech is 2 minutes long. He says it only has to be one person berating another, Frankie confirms and says he had the DR re-read the rules.
Mon 1:50 AM BBTCaleb tells Ch/Co/Za that he used to breakdance all throughout school. He then goes and does a windmill to the amazement of all NT - banner_boy
Mon 1:46 AM BBTDerrick concerned that Amber will blow them up tomorrow. Derrick says they need to keep Amber calm. Frankie says he's not going to - cher
say (at the POV meeting) that Caleb told him to put Amber up. Derrick agrees, says Frankie doesn't want to look like Caleb's puppet.
Mon 1:43 AM BBTFrankie taking a bath in HOH bathtub. Derrick walks in to use the bathroom. Talking now but can't hear them over the tub draining NT - cher
Mon 1:43 AM BBTChristine and Zach would backdoor Caleb but Cody wants to put him up directly. Cody ragging Zach for being more gung-ho last wk. - jfung79
This was in response to Zach saying Cody has a vendetta against Caleb and is jealous, after Cody didn't like that Zach said he would put up Jocasta/Victoria and only backdoor Caleb. Cody said he would put up Caleb/Jocasta. Cody said he heard from Devin that Caleb doesn't trust Cody.

Zach said the reason last week was they had the opportunity then to backdoor Caleb and Brittany trusted Cody. Christine said Brittany would tell her and Amber she didn't trust Cody. Zach said Brit said different things to everyone so good we got her out.

Zach said we've been together every week since Day 1 so shouldn't break.

Christine told Cody and Zach she and Fr...

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Mon 1:42 AM BBTCody- Do you ever wonder why Frankie is so gung-ho to get Amber out? Zack- To have Caleb in his back pocket. NT - impatient1
Mon 1:40 AM BBTChris- This week I'm doing something for my alliance by getting Amber out bc she is not coming after me. NT - impatient1
Mon 1:38 AM BBTHayden/Nicole in kitchen. Hayden telling stories about his teen-age antics when he was younger. Climbing to the roof of a massive - cher
grocery store. He and his friends climbed up using sewer pipes, they jumped from roof to roof and just hung out up there some nights.
Mon 1:38 AM BBTZack to Cody- You have a vendetta against Caleb. Cody says you wanted him out, Zack says bc Brittany trusted you, Chris says no - impatient1
she didn't trust Cody, she told me.
Mon 1:35 AM BBTChris- Donny basically said he's gonna out me up today. Zack and Cody laugh. Chris says I don't understand, why am I going on - impatient1
hammock dates with him, I don't even like his company.
Mon 1:33 AM BBTZack/Cody/ Chris on BY couch- Chris is playing with Cody's hair, they're talking about wanting Caleb out, how stupid he is. Chris - impatient1
said Caleb told her that he thinks America hates Amber for being rude to him.
Mon 1:30 AM BBTVic- Should I say this is the third time I've been nominated and I've taken myself off two times. Derr- No bc then it sounds like - impatient1
you're bragging.
Mon 1:25 AM BBTHayden telling story to Nicole how he and his friends said they were playing football but actually had fight club, parents found vids, grounded NT - jfung79
Mon 1:24 AM BBTVic asks Derr to go to the hammock with her, practicing her veto speech and asking him for advice. NT - impatient1
Mon 1:09 AM BBTChristine/Frankie/Caleb head inside, Frankie heads up to HOH with Christine to finish their talk. Jocasta in HOH bathroom finishing up showering NT - cher
Mon 1:05 AM BBTCaleb says others in the alliance have agreed to give $5000 to each alliance member if they win the half mil. He says he has - cher
agreed to it and he will do it, not sure about everyone else. Christine/Frankie say yeah, they're in.
Mon 1:04 AM BBTCaleb saying if he wins he will give people who voted for him 5 thousand of the money. NT - impatient1
Mon 1:02 AM BBTFrankie has joined Caleb/Christine on hammock. Christine explaining to Caleb how double eviction works. Frankie says in essence, - cher
they have all made it to jury. He adds, unless it's a 7 person jury. Christine says that would suck. Caleb says they would still make it though.
Mon 12:59 AM BBTChristine says worse case, Donny wins HOH. Caleb says that Donny would put up Zach. NT - cher

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