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Wed 12:17 PM BBT9:49 am: The final 3 say goodbye to Feedsters on the LR couch. (Transcript, very long) - BB_Fan_JJ_Dan
C Thank you live feedsters. Derrick is a huge guy, pushing you guys all season, made us realize how important you guys are to the show & we are super pumped we had your support all season
V Thank you for your support & watching us. We are ordinary people & to have you guys..
C speak for yourself huh
V to have you guys be fascinated enough to watch us all season.. we are very appreciative, we love you very much & it's been an amazing summer. Thanks you (in Derr's accent) Jokers & Hamsterwatch. Derrick take it away
D Like Cody said we're all be fans of the show. I've been watching the feeds for a couple years now & honestly it's probably the best...

(This is a long update, click to read more...)
Wed 10:10 AM BBTCody: Alright Victoria what is your final thought? - onegal
Vic: "This has been an amazing experience.Im so sad actually. Our last day in this house finally get to see who will be the winner of BB16. It has been really fun living with these 2 boys being the only girl for the past couple weeks,thankyou for your amazing support & I cant wait to get in touch with everyone when I get out"
Wed 10:01 AM BBTAnd the feeds are down. NT - StingMe
Wed 10:01 AM BBTJeff Highlights. NT - Poopie
Wed 10:01 AM BBTFish NT - Poopie
Wed 10:01 AM BBTderr talking to camera: feeds are about to go off. got about another minute left. NT - Poopie
Wed 10:00 AM BBTThe HG get up from the couch. Cody/Derrick high five. Cody feeds vic some lime yogurt. Cody"its banging right" NT - Poopie
Wed 10:00 AM BBTCody saying he realizes how important the feeders are now that Derrick told him how important they are. NT - StingMe
Wed 9:59 AM BBTCody: i didnt know about the feed stuff until Derrick told me about it. I look forward to interacting with you guys. NT - Poopie
Wed 9:59 AM BBTDerrick: Thanking feeders for their love and support. NT - StingMe
Wed 9:59 AM BBTderr: thanks for the love/support. I appreciate it even we were boring sometimes and will be talking to you when i get out NT - Poopie
Wed 9:58 AM BBTCody: vic whats your final thought? Vic: i will finally see the winner of BB16. Its been fun being the only girl w/ these 2 NT - Poopie
Wed 9:58 AM BBTCody: hey feedsters you are part of production now NT - onegal
Wed 9:58 AM BBTDerrick: It was a pleasure playing with you 2 guys even though I'm gonna smoke Cody tonight. NT - StingMe
Wed 9:58 AM BBTDerr: It was a pleasure playing with you guys, even though Im about to SMOKE him. Vic: you cant say that. Cody: he can NT - Poopie
Wed 9:57 AM BBTderr: says to try out for BB if you can. Cody: "do they want us to talk for 10 minutes? should we stop?" NT - Poopie
Wed 9:57 AM BBTDerrick says he loved the comps. Giving props to those who set them up. NT - StingMe
Wed 9:56 AM BBTCody: Enjoyed dirty d "Donny". Derr: comps were amazing in under 24 hours. NT - Poopie
Wed 9:56 AM BBTCody: even though Hayden hates him, running with Hayden. Devinator causing chaos in a confined space. NT - Poopie
Wed 9:55 AM BBTDerrick loved his daughter's holla. NT - StingMe
Wed 9:55 AM BBTCody doing a gun (hitmen) sign, Victoria tells him to stop. NT - StingMe
Wed 9:55 AM BBTCody does the Hitmen symbol. vic says "stoooppp thaaatt". Derr: misses feeding the fish. NT - Poopie
Wed 9:54 AM BBTDbomb holla. All say one of their fav parts was seeing their families on the TV. NT - StingMe
Wed 9:54 AM BBTDerrick sits next to Victoria sits next to Cody. They are all talking about favorite moments. NT - Poopie
Wed 9:53 AM BBTTalking Fav memories. NT - StingMe
Wed 9:50 AM BBTHGs sitting on the couch saying goodbye to the live feeders. NT - StingMe
Wed 9:50 AM BBTVic & Cody bickering about making the coffee. Cody said he would but Victoria is. Cody mentions burning her tongue but she says - BB_Fan_JJ_Dan
she drinks it cold and repeatedly calls him a "freak"
Wed 9:46 AM BBTVic explains what Ian did on BB14 after he won HOH - paced around the kitchen counter and repeated to himself "to be the best - BB_Fan_JJ_Dan
you've got to beat the best"
Wed 9:45 AM BBTCody shows Derrick his plan if he wins HOH tonight: goes into the Beehive & talks to the blow-up dolphin about his decision. - BB_Fan_JJ_Dan
Cody "I'm going to sit here and I'm going to talk to the f'n dolphin the entire time. I'll be sitting there like this 'what do you mean? we did so good though... I know Derrick's kinda... I know. God. It's nerve-wracking you know?'"
Cody "You like that? It's funny!" Derr agrees.
Derr about what he's going to be like... pacing 'going to cut some f'n throats" (joking)
Wed 9:40 AM BBTA few minutes ago, Derrick took down his daughter and wife's construction paper notes from his HOH baskets that were taped above his bed in FR. NT - BB_Fan_JJ_Dan
Wed 9:39 AM BBTVic making coffee. Asks Derrick how he slept. They both say they slept horrible. NT - StingMe
Wed 9:38 AM BBTV: Derrick, this is so bittersweet. NT - StingMe
Wed 9:34 AM BBTCody pretend crying about leaving the BB house. NT - StingMe
Wed 9:34 AM BBTCody pretending to cry as he saya he will make the last pot of coffee NT - onegal
Wed 9:32 AM BBTDerrick to WC, Cody didnt know he was behind him & it scared him NT - onegal
Wed 9:31 AM BBTCody splashes water over hair, Vic applying makeup NT - onegal
Wed 9:31 AM BBTHGs all up and in the BR getting ready for finale. NT - StingMe
Wed 9:29 AM BBTAll Hgs in BR, guys brushing teeth, Victoria spraying her face NT - onegal
Wed 9:15 AM BBTHG were all sleeping then FISH... NT - serac
Wed 9:14 AM BBTFISH~ FINAL wake up call in the BB house NT - onegal
Wed 8:29 AM BBTAll HG are sleeping, cam. 4 is on the memory wall (since 8:19 am), other cams. are on Victoria & Derrick sleeping. NT - serac
Wed 7:35 AM BBTVictoria is very restless, tossing back & forth. NT - serac
Wed 6:43 AM BBTVictoria is up & to the BR, checks her face, then washes, checks her face some more, now gets back into bed. NT - serac
Wed 4:53 AM BBTHgs all sound asleep NT - onegal
Wed 2:48 AM BBTAll HGs in bed and quiet. NT - kalicush
Wed 2:43 AM BBTDerrick and Victoria say goodnight again. Victoria "I love you" NT - kalicush
Wed 2:42 AM BBTFeeds back but still can't hear what they are whispering NT - kalicush
Wed 2:41 AM BBTFish.... NT - kalicush
Wed 2:40 AM BBTDerrick and Victoria are whispering but they don't have their mics on so it's hard to make it out NT - kalicush
Wed 2:33 AM BBTDerrick "Are you ready?" Victoria "I guess" She then says "Goodnight guys" (to the live feeders) They get into bed in the - kalicush
fire room. Victoria seems wide awake but Derrick is trying to go to bed.

Victoria "Tomorrow only positive energy and positive thoughts"

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