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Sat 5:21 PM BBTKevin talking to himself in HOH: He has some type of task. NT - Kat27
Sat 5:14 PM BBTZach and Pilar come in so Sindy continues her talk with them and Ashleigh - tiffer7497
She tells them everyone target was Bobby in sequester house. Sindy is saying Bobby may have this secret power of veto and he will have to use it this week and you can get him another time if hes on the block against me. She says I have no one to work with and no one to talk to. Zach- everyone is telling me you wanted me out. Sindy- you were never my target. It's Bobby.
Sat 5:02 PM BBTSindy to Ashleigh- Bobby said to my face and Bruno said to my face that you and Zach need to go - tiffer7497
After I leave you guys should put Bobby up since he has may has this secret power so you need to take him out.
Sat 4:59 PM BBTSindy talking to Ashleigh - tiffer7497
Saying how when she was in sequester all the evictees made a plan when they got back in they would get out Bobby.
Sat 4:26 PM BBTBruno/GF are trying to lift Sindy's spirits by telling her there might be twist. Bruno says they need Sindy and Bruno in house. - Kat27
Sat 4:20 PM BBTPilar tells Britt she's going to be the pawn while Britt is in the shower. Britt says she's not happy about it. - shelly888
Pilar says this is the best week to be a pawn because she's against Sindy. Britt says she's been a pawn twice and doesn't understand why no one else can be a pawn. Pilar says if she could put herself up as a pawn she would. Pilar says everyone loves B and she's sure she will be safe.

Britt tells her that Bobby pretty much said he would be fine going on the block because it's a safe week to do that. Pili says that's interesting.
Sat 3:07 PM BBTBefore talking to Brit/Sarah, Godfrey told Kevin/Pili that he wants to work with them. He said there are pairs in the house - shelly888
and he wants to work with a pair.but he can't trust Bobby/Bruno since they lied about CS. And he doesn't want to work with Zach/Ashleigh at all. He tells Kev/Pili they're the only people he can trust. Right after that he told Brit/Sarah that they're the only people he can trust because they're the only ones not afraid to make moves in the game.
Sat 2:32 PM BBTGodfrey and Britnee talking - knifey_spooney
Brit is in pool, God on pool chair.

God is saying that he is hoping that his veto is a diamond power of veto so he can take things into his own hands.

God says that he gets the impression from Pili that she just wants this HOH to be over with. Pili just wants to do the "fair" thing but God says "Fair" is putting people up that have never been up.

Brit says this is not summer camp. Pili will never make a big move. She isn't playing the game.

God says that Brit and Sarah are the only people that he trusts not to win HOH and be bullied by the house into putting up who the house wants.

Sat 2:44 AM BBT2:44 -Ashleigh- still giving Pilar lines to say--that if P was going to put up Bobby, she's afraid people would flip. Pilar mumbles something NT - AceRimmer
about bobby and bruno not talking to her.

Ash - you and kev are in a really good spot right now.

Sarah and Britt have been with Sindy, they'll probably put up zach and me.

out of no where Pilar says Wouldnt it be funny if we were on slop?

then starts talking about doing a double date.

((OKAY I"M out))
Sat 2:42 AM BBTAshleigh sleeping iwth Pilar, trying desperately to help her. Pilar isnt aware of how many people are in the house, Ashleigh trie - AceRimmer
s to guide her into thinking about Whom would be good for their game.

Ashleigh making sure Pilar feels comforable that a pawn is safe going up against Sindy.

Ashleigh trying to count on her fingers and Holding them infront of Pilars face to try to get her to clue in.

P...Sarah would not vote against B.

P if its the house choice, Mumbel mumble

Ashleigh if its the boys, they feel they can reel Godfrey in. hes a Genius.

Pillar doesn tunderstand

Ashleigh says IF you do, just say B a hundred percent youre a pawn.

P is worried that Sindy will stay and come after HER

Ashleigh ... just say who flipped, Sarah a Bruno. And that you are putting up B so they wont flip.

Pilar trying to rehearse the lines Ashleigh is feeding her

2:35 approx feed 1

Sat 12:49 AM BBTAshleigh suggests to Zach that it might be a good idea to get Pili to put up Bobby or Bruno instead of Sarah/Britt - shelly888
to make it seem like the Chop Shop are not together.
Sat 12:38 AM BBTPilar to Kevin- "When I think of Africa I picture literally all black-" feeds cut. NT - BrittneeSarah
Fri 11:49 PM BBTWillow is wearing a ketchup costume NT - Energizerbunny
Fri 11:48 PM BBTKevin tells Pili she is very good-looking. Pili tells Kevin he is hot like a hot potato NT - Energizerbunny
Fri 11:47 PM BBTPili said it's gonna suck to have to put someone else up, but she's happy for Godfrey NT - Energizerbunny
Fri 11:46 PM BBTGodfrey won POV NT - BrittneeSarah
Fri 11:45 PM BBTSindy did not win veto. Willow almost did NT - Energizerbunny
Fri 10:18 PM BBTstill no feeds 6ish hrs now! NT - JSweetness
Fri 9:00 PM BBTWe have had hush for well over 5 hrs now. It was approx 4 EST when feeds went down and still down. NT - JSweetness
Fri 3:20 PM BBTWillow telling Ashleigh about convo with Sindy how she was blaming Willow for the JP vote. - tiffer7497
Willow- I want to win so bad. You were so mean to me for no reason- talking about Sindy. Willow wants to say this at veto ceremony if she wins to Sindy - Since you don't think I play I won't use this veto since you think I'm a floater.
Fri 3:13 PM BBTGodfrey tells Kevin he wants to work with him next week and they have to get the big boys out. NT - tiffer7497
Fri 3:10 PM BBTKevin says "So apparently Bobby has a veto?" Godfrey- "Yes he does. He confirmed it to me." NT - tiffer7497
Fri 2:47 PM BBTGodfrey tells Bobby he has to convince people he doesn't have a secret veto NT - tiffer7497
Fri 2:38 PM BBTEveryone seems to laying around waiting for the veto competition to begin NT - tiffer7497
Fri 2:52 AM BBTBobby's sleeping in Willow's bed for some reason. They are not holding hands. NT - continentally
Fri 2:50 AM BBTLights are off in the HN room & main bedroom. Pili is indeed sleeping in there, HOH room empty. Everyone's more or less asleep NT - continentally
Fri 2:36 AM BBTMics go off in the HN room. Sarah tells Godfrey she's glad he's still in the house. NT - continentally
Fri 2:35 AM BBTSarah says they have to win HOH and go after the showmances. Godfrey insists to them that Bob/Bru will stick with their group NT - continentally
Fri 2:33 AM BBTSarah: The couples alliance trumps that now. I have proof because Willow wasn't allowed to sleep with Pili/Ashleigh (lol?) NT - continentally
Fri 2:32 AM BBTBack in the HN room, Godfrey reporting to Sarah and Britt. That Bruno downplayed the CS, they say they don't believe the story NT - continentally
Fri 2:26 AM BBTIn the bedroom, Pili just offered the HOH bed to Z/A, who declined - looks like Pili wants to sleep in the main bedroom. NT - continentally
Fri 2:24 AM BBTGod/Bru circle back to Sindy, that she ruined a good thing. Feeds switch to Sindy hoping she didn't make the wrong move NT - continentally
Fri 2:21 AM BBTThey call JP's play last week the dumbest move in BB history. They say he will regret it for the rest of his life. NT - continentally
Fri 2:19 AM BBTGod/Bru still talking about JP -his mental game was dangerous, that he remembered EVERYTHING, he wasn't a phony superfan NT - continentally
Fri 2:18 AM BBTA little earlier, Willow/Sarah were whispering in the HN room. - continentally
Sarah told Willow about the Purple Cobras alliance. Willow admitted to Sarah that she nominated her on the first day, but meant to nominate Ashleigh (she didn't know their names). Sarah says she nominated two strong boys (Zach/Kevin) because she knew they would couple up in showmances and she pats herself on the back. Willow says she called it.

Sarah says it makes her sick. "I'm sorry to rat you out Ashleigh but everyone knows. Live feeds. You don't say 'oh I wish we could talk about things' if you're still a virgin. Blowjobs ahoy. Whatever I'm done being nice."
Fri 2:17 AM BBTThe boys say they can't wait to see JP's cocky DRs. Godfrey says JP was so afraid of Bruno, that he called him Dan. NT - continentally
Fri 2:13 AM BBTNow they laugh about JP's shocked face. He just grabbed his sandwich and ran off. NT - continentally
Fri 2:12 AM BBTBruno says Godfrey got in Ashleigh's head. God/Bru think that now, Ashleigh would cut Zach when the time comes. NT - continentally
Fri 2:00 AM BBTGodfrey insists they must go after Zach - he is the glue and everyone will scramble. They say Willow has nobody. NT - continentally
Fri 1:59 AM BBTBruno says everyone wants Sindy gone, that people didn't like how she acted like she didn't vote JP out NT - continentally
Fri 1:57 AM BBTBruno says Zach has been really nice to him this week. They rip him for leaving JP on the block. They say his attitude changed. NT - continentally
Fri 1:56 AM BBTGod/Bru outside chatting. God says he thinks Kev will be pissed at Z/A for being left in the dark about the Chop Shop Alliance. - continentally
Bruno trying to cover his bases with a CS cover story. He says when G blew up at Willow, that's when he was out of the big alliance. Godfrey agreeing, he says the votes to evict JP speak for themselves. Bruno trying his best to convince him that the alliance doesn't exist anymore.

God says he hopes the CS reveal won't push Kev towards the girls (Britt/Sarah) and make the girls distrusting of Bobby/Bruno. He says he was trying to talk the girls down. He says Sindy wanted Bobby/Willow up. Bruno insists they need Bobby, Godfrey agrees.

Godfrey says at least Kev knows that Z/A didn't tell him about CS and hopefully makes Kevin distrusting of them. God says he doesn't know w...

(This is a long update, click to read more...)
Thu 11:52 PM BBTFeeds back, Kevin asks how Sindy is...Sindy says she is a little disappointed. NT - M3gabyt3
Thu 9:00 PM BBTBB just called all the HGs up to the HOH room. Feeds go down. Time for noms? NT - continentally
Thu 8:59 PM BBTNow B and Sarah are going on about how stressful it is to be part of a show, whether they're doing a good job etc. NT - continentally
Thu 8:56 PM BBTSarah says if they're both up next week and one wins POV, she'll blow the house up to save the other. Call a house meeting, etc - continentally
She'll want to call out the couples alliance. Tell them Zach is trying to play Neda's game (???) but it's dumb because "Neda left with nothing."
Thu 8:53 PM BBTBritt/Sarah are talking about how they'd rather play their game than be suck-ups. They like Zach as a person but not his game - continentally
Britt says she would never vote for Zach to win. Sarah says she'll be a bitter jury member, that it's part of the game.
Thu 8:49 PM BBTB and S in the HN room talking about P not having a clue NT - notnorman
Thu 8:47 PM BBTB to Sar: im not an idiot i dont put mu closest friend on the block or even put him close to OTB NT - notnorman
Thu 8:39 PM BBTbru : sin in down cuz shes OTB NT - notnorman

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