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Thu 2:57 PM BBTDiscussion about what was thrown away NT - Scott3325
Thu 2:56 PM BBTCaleb catches fly and then lets it go. Cody not happy. NT - Scott3325
Thu 2:54 PM BBTVic makes a pass thru the KT on her way to the BR NT - Scott3325
Thu 2:53 PM BBTCody out of DR quickly. Goes to refrigerator and starts throwing more away. NT - Scott3325
Thu 2:52 PM BBTCody called to DR NT - Scott3325
Thu 2:51 PM BBTCaleb re: tonight: "Man we don't know what to expect - it could be anything out there. We could be throwing a dadgum frog in a - AdamAndEvel
Froot Loop hole for all we know."
Thu 2:47 PM BBTDer continues trimming his facial hair with Caleb offering his opinion of the job thus far NT - Scott3325
Thu 2:45 PM BBTFra continues throwing away outdated food NT - Scott3325
Thu 2:44 PM BBTFra going thru refrigerator throwing food away NT - Scott3325
Thu 2:43 PM BBTCody now washing dishes NT - Scott3325
Thu 2:42 PM BBTDerrick getting irked in the BR for BB telling him to put on his microphone. Caleb wanders in: "Don't get hostile, Derrick." NT - AdamAndEvel
Thu 2:42 PM BBTCaleb starts talking about a friend who got pregnant by accident and we get Fish... Feeds back and all four are on Der in BR - Scott3325
shaving. BB: Derrick put on microphone.
Thu 2:41 PM BBTCaleb retelling the classic tale of his movie role that was aborted due to a friend's accidental pregnancy, but for some reason BB - AdamAndEvel
deems it unairable this time and cuts all 4 feeds to Derrick fiddling with his chinstrap.
Thu 2:38 PM BBTCaleb: "My friggin' best friend's ex-boyfriend is Johnny Depp's stunt devil." Frankie: "Double?" Caleb: "Devil?" Frankie: "Double" NT - AdamAndEvel
Thu 2:36 PM BBTCaleb says he's been roofied before: "I have videos of me chasing cows at 6 in the morning w/ writing all over my body in purple - AdamAndEvel
slippers & pink volleyball shorts."
Thu 2:34 PM BBTFrankie to the camera: I'm cleaning! Aren't you proud of me! NT - Scott3325
Thu 2:32 PM BBTVacuum Man back to Haircut Man working again on Derrick NT - Scott3325
Thu 2:30 PM BBTFrankie: I wish Kathy Griffin had walked in and said, "What the F is that smell?!" Cody: That would've been embarrassing. NT - AdamAndEvel
Thu 2:29 PM BBTDiscussion about who is the new winner of the "Brittany Award" for getting called out by BB for not putting on their microphone - - Scott3325
Der or Vic
Thu 2:24 PM BBTVacuum Man taking a break - his lower back is hurting. NT - Scott3325
Thu 2:23 PM BBTFrank/Caleb/Cody in KT cleaning. Derr in BR shaving and cutting his hair. NT - Poopie
Thu 2:19 PM BBTVacuum Man doing his thing under the KT table NT - Scott3325
Thu 2:18 PM BBTFrankie starts singing and we get Fish..... NT - Scott3325
Thu 2:18 PM BBTCaleb the Vacuum Man doing his thing in the LR. Then moves on to KT. NT - Scott3325
Thu 2:14 PM BBTCody giving lesson to Caleb on how to get the vacuum started NT - Scott3325
Thu 2:13 PM BBTBB: House guests, please clean your house including the storage room. NT - Scott3325
Thu 2:07 PM BBTFra continues washing wishes, Cody drying NT - Scott3325
Thu 2:05 PM BBTCody to Der re Der haircut: Did you want it on an angle? (Joking) NT - Scott3325
Thu 2:03 PM BBTFra: This is not the cleanliest place I've ever lived. NT - Scott3325
Thu 2:02 PM BBTFra: He & Cody have a sinus infection NT - Scott3325
Thu 2:00 PM BBTNo sighting of Donny, Chr, Zach NT - Scott3325
Thu 1:58 PM BBTFish again then back to BR & KT scenes NT - Scott3325
Thu 1:57 PM BBTCody cooking. Frankie washing dishes. Vic prettying up in BR. NT - Scott3325
Thu 1:56 PM BBTCaleb trimming Derrick's hair. Frankie makes another statement and we're back to Fish.... NT - Scott3325
Thu 1:55 PM BBTFrankie starts reciting lines And we get Fish.... NT - Scott3325
Thu 1:52 PM BBTFeeds are back NT - Scott3325
Thu 11:30 AM BBTFeeds switch to highlights with Jeff and Nicole NT - BBSoxFan
Thu 11:23 AM BBTDer to WC, quick rinse of his hands, passes by Donny, glances at Donny twice, Donny doesn't look up. Der back to bed. NT - Scott3325
Thu 11:15 AM BBTDonny takes up his station at the round table and plays with the Jenga blocks. Caleb wanders by - no convo. NT - Scott3325
Thu 11:12 AM BBTVic removes a few layers. Washes her face. NT - Scott3325
Thu 11:11 AM BBTVic heads to BR, turns on water, and checks herself out in a mirror. Leaves water running. NT - Scott3325
Thu 11:09 AM BBTDonny fixes himself some coffee NT - Scott3325
Thu 11:08 AM BBTFish....and then more Donny wandering around KT NT - Scott3325
Thu 11:04 AM BBTDonny wandering around KT NT - Scott3325
Thu 10:53 AM BBTDonny returns his toothbrush to his dresser and heads into DR NT - Scott3325
Thu 10:51 AM BBTDonny out of WC and we get Fish.... NT - Scott3325
Thu 10:51 AM BBTVic has blanket pulled over her head. Lots of moving around and lots of sniffling. NT - Scott3325
Thu 10:48 AM BBTDonny brushing his teeth. Vic to DR and back out. Checks herself out in mirror and back to bed. NT - Scott3325
Thu 10:44 AM BBTDonny finishes cereal and washes his dishes. And we have Fish.... NT - Scott3325
Thu 10:42 AM BBTVic to SR and back to bed. Bedroom lights are on. NT - Scott3325

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