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Mon 8:05 AM BBTAdel says "I'm HOH, how did that happen? I don't know!" NT - Singaling
Mon 8:04 AM BBTAdel goes and sits by the pool and talks to the camera about the evicted HG's. There's too many 'lady ladies" in here, he says. NT - Singaling
Mon 7:52 AM BBTAfter showering, Adel wandering the house in a hat, underwear, and flip flops. NT - Singaling
Mon 7:27 AM BBTAdel is thoroughly enjoying his music in the morning, doing an elaborate form of "tub dancing" along, and the cord slips into the water. - Singaling
Mon 7:12 AM BBTAdel the HOH wakes early and decides to sit in his HOH bathtub and listen to his HOH music. He sits and sometimes - Singaling
gestures to the music. Other times he seems deep in thought.
Mon 2:09 AM BBT1:20am D.R leak of Sabrina getting requested meds.Back in the kitchen she struggles to open a jar of jam...finally she pops off the lid and - nicki227
makes herself a warm English muffin with butter and jam.

Throwing on her $200.00+ hat & grabbing a bunch of BB flannels she takes a seat in her usual spot in the hotub area.After sitting quietly for 15 minutes she heads back to bed.
Mon 1:46 AM BBT1:15am Sabrina up and into Dr for something for her stomach ache NT - nicki227
Mon 1:38 AM BBT11:40pm the lights start to dim in the main bedroom and the Gremlins attempt to sleep. NT - nicki227
Mon 1:36 AM BBT11:30pm Back upstairs in bed Rachelle/Sabrina chat about what Rachelle's friends do on a night out back home..future plans etc. NT - nicki227
Mon 1:33 AM BBT11:17pm Sabrina complains of an upset stomach so Ro makes her a tea.The girls chat about some friend of Rachelle's making - nicki227
a comment on a instagram photo that she doesn't look good in glasses.Sabrina tells her she looks beautiful.The chat continues about how many likes they get on photos,both commenting if they don't get a lot of likes for a picture they take the photo down.
Mon 1:28 AM BBT11:10pm Rachelle grabs a couple of Adels gummy keys.Heather makes a comment of being able to have them now because she>>> - nicki227
is not on slop.Rachelle makes a face in the mirror and heads back downstairs with Sabrina.
Mon 1:26 AM BBT11:08pm After getting roosterd Sab/Ro go to HOH and let the others know. NT - nicki227
Mon 1:24 AM BBT10:49 Sabrina and Rachelle lay in bed and talk about wanting to sleep.Rachelle goes to wash her face.Sabrina stays behind. NT - nicki227
Mon 1:23 AM BBT10:36pm Gremlins head inside to get ready for bed.Adel tells them battery change and they head upstairs Cam 1&2. NT - nicki227
Sun 10:59 PM BBTNeda, Jon and Heather are studying what happened on what day. NT - eureca
Sun 10:30 PM BBTRachelle telling Sabrina that Adel made things up about them during the nomination ceremony. NT - eureca
Sun 10:27 PM BBTJon tells Heather/Neda that he doesn't want Adel to get all cocky and shine a negative light on the 3 of them. NT - eureca
Sun 10:25 PM BBTFeeds are back. Gremlins are outside by the hot tub. NT - eureca
Fri 2:33 PM BBTNeda in war room watching screens says 'allison looks sooo worried' NT - vodkasour
Fri 2:12 PM BBTAll the hgs are in the HOH Room. NT - Dani
Fri 1:30 PM BBTThe War Room is back. It looks like Neda got ready for the day. - Dani
Earlier Jon & Heather arranged the couches in the eviction layout to trick Alli, Rachelle & Sabrina.
Fri 12:27 PM BBTFeeds were down for a few minutes now they return with 2 feeds of Allison, Sabrina & Rachelle in the bathroom. NT - Dani
Fri 10:58 AM BBTAdel hopes that Neda got to see her sister. Both guys call Heather 'pretty girl' and wonder what she's cooking. - KingstonSue
Neda sits on the floor now next to the door and listens as she watches the monitors.
Fri 10:45 AM BBTNeda puts on her robe, stretches+yawns. She walks over to the door and eavesdrops on the conversations. NT - KingstonSue
Fri 10:39 AM BBTNeda watches the monitor and misses her mouth when bringing a piece of hashbrown to her face. She watches Heather hug Allison. NT - KingstonSue
Fri 10:36 AM BBTNeda, "Jeeze, look at that zoom up of his face." Her breakfast looks mostly uneaten while she reads. - KingstonSue
The camera zooms in on her one and a half hash browns.
Neda watches them sing Happy Birthday to Allison.
Neda, "Happy Birthday, Allison. You robot."
Neda laughs.
Fri 10:24 AM BBTNeda when watching Allison do her hair, "Look at her hair. Is she a human being? She's like a robot." - KingstonSue
Neda alternates between reading her letter and watching the monitor.
Fri 10:21 AM BBTNeda, "This camera is so obsessed with Jon. He's not that good looking. Calm down guys. He's got a stain on his shirt." - KingstonSue
Neda continues, "Is there a 13 year old girl following Jon around? No, I can't help pick you out an outfit today. No, don't wear leggings." She throws her head back a bit, "Bad choice."
Fri 10:18 AM BBTNeda, "Ugh, they're so boring. Adel thinks they'll have a have not comp soon. Jon disagrees. He thinks it'll be an HOH comp. - KingstonSue
Hammering can be heard. Adel says that the slop comp can have an award as well. "It's gonna be interesting, sports fans."
Adel to Jon, "You didn't thank me for getting rid of everything and doing all the dishes." Sabrina makes it all about her.
Fri 10:09 AM BBTNeda, "That's my deodorant! That's my deodorant, you little b*gger. How could you use my deodorant?" NT - KingstonSue
Fri 10:01 AM BBT10:00am Neda comes back into the War Room to a large breakfast and is excited to see what appears to be 2 sausage egg McMuffin - KingstonSue
and pancakes. She eats while watching the monitors above.
Fri 9:52 AM BBTEarlier: Heather tells Jon that each time he got up to look for Neda he woke her up. - KingstonSue
9:50am Jon thinks that Neda will be gone for 24 hours. Allison is done guessing as to what the comp will be today. Heather ask Sabrina to do her makeup and hair. She wants something simple like a braid to the side. Jon, "Less is more."

Jon asks Rachelle if her hair feels like concrete because of the spray.
Fri 9:31 AM BBTAllison, "Maybe Neda had a video from home and had to be alone." Jon, "Four people have to leave soon." - KingstonSue
Jon, "Sh*t like that's gotta happen. She'll probably come back and say it's an instant eviction."
Allison, "We heard her say WOW when she was gone so it was probably something really special."
Fri 9:29 AM BBTRach hears things going on outside in the backyard. Allison tells Jon he was sleep-talking and Adel was talking to him. - KingstonSue
Jon had a dream about Pandora's Box with he and Neda. Allison thinks it may be a Have Not challenge or a luxury challenge.
Allison heard noises last night. Jon thinks they'll be getting the HOH room ready and there will be an instant eviction.
Fri 9:24 AM BBT9:20am Lots of speculation about what's going on with Neda. Jon, "She may have to make a decision without talking to - KingstonSue
anyone in the house." He complains on how exhausted he is. He tells Alison she is the Shield all be herself.
Fri 12:48 AM BBTHG's appear to be sleeping or falling asleep. Neda is reading her HOH letter in bed in the war room. NT - eureca
Fri 12:31 AM BBTNeda asks Big Brother if she can go to the bathroom and get ready for bed. Cam changes to the other HG's. NT - eureca
Fri 12:30 AM BBTNeda still trying to read the HG's lips on the tv in war room. She asks BB to please zoom in. She thanks them after they do. NT - eureca
Fri 12:27 AM BBTNeda in the war room about 20 minutes ago. - eureca
"I specifically said I would put Adel/Heather up." "Lies obviously I would say that". "If you believe me that is your own fault girl."

She said this while watching Allison/Rachelle/Sabrina.
Fri 12:10 AM BBTSabrina telling Allison/Rachelle that its weird that they heard Neda in that secret room. NT - eureca
Fri 12:08 AM BBTSabrina/Allison/Rachelle complaining about Adel promising to to take out Jon but is now acting like his old self after he was safe NT - eureca
Thu 11:59 PM BBTSabrina telling Allison/Rachelle that she thinks Neda will keep her word and not nominate Allison or the gremlins. NT - eureca
Thu 11:16 PM BBTNeda laughing while she's listening to HG's talk. NT - NJcathie
Thu 11:14 PM BBTNeda in War Room eating dinner and popping the lid of a beer. She say Yea I'm celebrating by myself…congrats for winning HOH - NJcathie
Neda, then she says Thanks Neda.
Thu 11:12 PM BBTAdel tell Ali it would have been a bad move if she kept Arlie because he said he was putting up her and Jon. It would have - NJcathie
been good for the Gremlins, but bad for her.
Thu 11:10 PM BBTCorrection: it was Ro that was called to DR, not Sabrina. NT - NJcathie
Thu 11:09 PM BBTThey are discussing Arlie's coming out strategy and feel he threw his game out the window by telling all. They say he would - NJcathie
have stayed for sure.
Thu 11:08 PM BBTNeda is listening at the war room door. You can hear the HG's on the Neda feed. Unclear if Neda can hear it. NT - eureca
Thu 11:06 PM BBTSabrina was called to the DR. NT - NJcathie
Thu 11:06 PM BBTAdel comes back from DR and says they need to talk about something, but I didn't catch what it was. I think they got heritage - NJcathie
items they are going to talk about.

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