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Fri 2:24 AM BBTJames making his move again. He plans to slowly opens the Comic Book Room door. NT - HumanFrailty
Fri 2:23 AM BBTSteve comes out of the HN room and wonders out. James chuckles in bed. NT - HumanFrailty
Fri 2:21 AM BBTJames opened the door and Liz and Julia notice it. He closes. NT - HumanFrailty
Fri 2:21 AM BBTLiz turns the other way and heads to sleep. James lurking outside. NT - HumanFrailty
Fri 2:17 AM BBTLiztin resume making out with sounds. NT - HumanFrailty
Fri 2:17 AM BBTJohnny Mac: "I heard he's a deity in a small country." (about James) NT - HumanFrailty
Fri 2:16 AM BBTJulia: "Omnipresent never heard of that term." NT - HumanFrailty
Fri 2:15 AM BBTLiztin watch the door scared. Julia is awakened. Julia: "OMG, I hate this." Johnny Mac: "hehe." NT - HumanFrailty
Fri 2:13 AM BBTLiztin kiss a little. NT - HumanFrailty
Fri 2:12 AM BBTJohnny Mac says "pretty scary" in a weird voice. Julia and Liz wonder who it is and despite Johnny Mac saying its him decide its - HumanFrailty
Fri 2:12 AM BBTJulia screams a few times when banging is heard. NT - HumanFrailty
Fri 2:10 AM BBTJohnny Mac contributes to the discussion on the movie Hocus Pocus. Julia is surprised. Julia: "Johnny Mac is on it!" NT - HumanFrailty
Fri 2:09 AM BBTLiz gets down to her sports bra as she ges ready to sleep. Julia is blabbering about movies. NT - HumanFrailty
Fri 2:08 AM BBTJohnny Mac came in and joined the Austwins in the Comic Book room. The Twins freaks out for awhile wondering if James will - HumanFrailty
scare them. Now Julia is going over an Audrey haunted story. Liztin are not listening.
Fri 2:06 AM BBTBrief overview summary of the evening since the live show: - Dolffie
Vanessa is HOH and Johnny Mac is back in the game.

Vanessa is solidly with the twins, Austin and Steve as her team. They will target Meg & James and will only open the backdoor for JMac if Meg or James win veto, and Vanessa prefers to not let it get to that. The rest of the team will play hard to win veto to keep it the same.

Vanessa now has a solid F2 with Austin. And a F2 with Julie (which does not supercede Liz). And a F2 with Steve. Each of them think they are the only F2.

Meg and James will not be told they are going up. Vanessa will explain It to them after. And they may believe they are pawns to backdoor... JMac. Regardless, tomorrow will be a surprise to them.
Fri 2:03 AM BBTJames holds the door closed preventing Steve from leaving and then they finally leave. The Twins scream wondering if James is - HumanFrailty
still there.
Fri 2:02 AM BBTJames tried to hide next to the bed and scare Julia but Steve rats him out. James comes out and points out a rat mask as being Steve. NT - HumanFrailty
Fri 2:01 AM BBTLiz and Julia celebrate successfully scaring Austin. James and Steve come in to cheer. NT - HumanFrailty
Fri 2:00 AM BBTJulia bangs on the closet and Austin screams "Jesus." Julia comes out and falls on the Liztin couple in bed. NT - HumanFrailty
Fri 1:59 AM BBTJames mumbles something to Austin and leaves after chuckling. Liztin get down to making out. NT - HumanFrailty
Fri 1:58 AM BBTThey tell James to get out of the comic room. James: "Fair pranks for all!" NT - jellyfisher
Fri 1:58 AM BBTJulia hides in the closet intending to scare Austin. James is running around in the Comic Book room. NT - HumanFrailty
Fri 1:56 AM BBTSteve enters the comic room and tells the twins that James told him to go play in traffic. NT - jellyfisher
Fri 1:55 AM BBTJulia and Liz turn the light off and scream when Austin come in. They push him out. NT - HumanFrailty
Fri 1:55 AM BBTJulia and Liz planning how to scare Austin. NT - HumanFrailty
Fri 1:55 AM BBTFYI 12:45am'ish Steve Jmac Van hoh conversation happens pretty short then Jmac and Van talk alone for about 25min. - KnightHawk
Basic breakdown she's down with their new 3some, super happy to win hoh, JMac is not touching her block. Some discussion about what he needs to say to Autwins to make them feel calmer, cover story about him not going up is he thought he did take the hoh-comp deal. Some talk about maybe f6 with AuTwins on one side them 3 on the other. Talk about Julie questions. Talk breaks up when BB calls Van to DR.
Fri 1:53 AM BBTJulia and Liz are screaming scared in the comic room. James came in and scared them. NT - jellyfisher
Fri 1:52 AM BBTAutwins in bed but wake random talk and joking around with James. Steve and John in Kitchen. John talking about GB messages. NT - KnightHawk
Fri 12:53 AM BBTSteve thinks he will be America's Favorite Platyer because of his speech during the live show. NT - jellyfisher
Fri 12:48 AM BBTSteve and Vanessa want to go to final 6 with John and Austwins and then battle it out. NT - jellyfisher
Fri 12:45 AM BBTSteve declares allegiance with Vanessa. NT - Dolffie
Fri 12:43 AM BBTVanessa explains that Meg&James fought over who should be the pawn. Steve says "they are better people than we are." They laugh NT - Dolffie
Fri 12:39 AM BBTLiz says "Trust fall!", falls back and Austin catches her. James says it, Meg doesn't catch him, and he falls on the floor. NT - jellyfisher
Fri 12:36 AM BBTSteve wants to tell JMac that he told others about their Rockstar alliance. He is afraid others will tell him. NT - Dolffie
Fri 12:35 AM BBTSteve coming into HOH & has celebratory hug with Vanessa. Steve asks for info but waffles. Van declares Steve is her F2. NT - Dolffie
Fri 12:28 AM BBTMeeting over. Vanessa hugs them and asks them to send Johnny Mac up. NT - Dolffie
Fri 12:27 AM BBTJames: If you do need to use pawns from our side, me first. NT - Dolffie
Fri 12:27 AM BBTJames would have flirted more with Vanessa but she announced early that she had a gf, so she was off-limits to him. NT - Dolffie
Fri 12:25 AM BBTVanessa gets their word that if they don't go up on the block, they will not come after her. NT - Dolffie
Fri 12:23 AM BBTJames runs the bus over Austin. NT - Dolffie
Fri 12:22 AM BBTVanessa asks them about deals. She likes deals, everyone knows. NT - Dolffie
Fri 12:21 AM BBTAt the end of the week, Meg would prefer to be on the block rather than James. Vanessa commends their partnership. NT - Dolffie
Fri 12:15 AM BBTVanessa asks if they will be pawns. No one, including them, want to be pawns. NT - Dolffie
Fri 12:14 AM BBTMeg claims ignorance in the game & compliments Vanessa on having it together. NT - Dolffie
Fri 12:05 AM BBTVan asks again for info. James talks about a lot of F5 deals around, giving no info. Worried about being low on totem pole. NT - Dolffie
Fri 12:02 AM BBTMeg acts surprised that Vanessa was Austin's target this past week. NT - Dolffie
Fri 12:01 AM BBTVanessa wants to make big moves, she tells James and Meg. Wants to know what they know that will help her game. *crickets* NT - Dolffie
Fri 12:00 AM BBTVanessa asking Meg/James what their opinion is on if John accepted her deal during the HOH comp. Meg says no John just slipped. NT - eureca
Thu 11:59 PM BBTMeg & James enter HOH. Julie leaves. NT - Dolffie
Thu 11:58 PM BBTVanessa makes a deal w/Julie, if either get the F2 they will take each other (but this does not supercede Julie taking Liz). - Dolffie
They shake on it and will not share it with others.

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