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Thu 11:45 PM BBTDerr up and Frnk leaves. Z wants to tell Derr everything he is planning. But everyone is coming upstairs and interrupting him. NT - Squirrels
Thu 11:44 PM BBTZach complains about Christine doing nothing in the alliance. He wants Hayden instead of Christine. Zach says Christine does - Alpha16
nothing but laugh and confirm what the others in the alliance are speculating.

Zach says he WILL blow up Christine's game if she doesn't go along with the plan.
Thu 11:44 PM BBTZach: Christine does nothing but laugh. She always knows she's safe. Let her sweat! NT - Kayla08
Thu 11:44 PM BBTZ: "Chris does nothing for us! She was only brought in her because of Devin. So what if we get her out? Obviously we won't do it" NT - Squirrels
Thu 11:42 PM BBTZ: "I put Chris and Caleb on the block. Chris throws the comp, Caleb wins veto, Amber goes home." NT - Squirrels
Thu 11:40 PM BBTZ: "If she (Chris) doesn't throw the comp, then I will not be alligned with her anymore, and I would throw her under the bus." NT - Squirrels
Thu 11:40 PM BBTZach: If Christine doesn't throw the comp, her and I are done. I'm gonna throw her under the bus to everyone and anyone I see NT - Kayla08
Thu 11:39 PM BBTZach to Frankie now about how Christine brings nothing to the table. "Its time for her to do something for someone else" NT - Kayla08
Thu 11:38 PM BBTZach tells Frankie that he saw Amber/Christine come out of Beehive room and knows Amber told Christine that she's putting - Alpha16
Zach up. So Zach says Amber has to go now.

He says he's gonna call Christine out, and have her nominated and have her throw the comp. If she doesn't want to, he is done with Christine.
Thu 11:36 PM BBTHayden telling Amber that he hasn't told anyone his targets, especially to Zach. NT - Alpha16
Thu 11:33 PM BBTCody to Caleb: "I don't get it, but Nicole is somehow getting into the alliance." Caleb: "She can be a hothead all she wants. - Squirrels
I give her the information. And If i get HoH next week, I backdoor her, I am going to say, I told you so."
Thu 11:31 PM BBTZ to Jo: "it's better if i don't stay HoH this week, because then i get to compete next week." NT - Squirrels
Thu 11:29 PM BBTCaleb about Amber: I'm not saying I own you in this house or anything, but don't even think you're ever safe in this house. NT - Kayla08
Thu 11:28 PM BBTCaleb: If she (Amber) goes up on the block she will go home. I figure she'd have a better head on her shoulders but I guess not NT - Kayla08
Thu 11:28 PM BBTCaleb tells Cody that Amber will out the alliance if she's nominated. Caleb says if Amber goes up, she's going home. He says - Alpha16
he's not protecting her anymore.
Thu 11:26 PM BBTHayden with Amber in Beehive room telling her he didn't lie. - Alpha16
feeds skip to Jocasta talking.
Thu 11:25 PM BBTCaleb tells Cody in have-not room of Amber telling Derrick she's not talking to the alliance anymore. Caleb looks tired of Amber - Alpha16
and her mistakes.
Thu 11:25 PM BBTCaleb: I don't think Amber understands her game is literally in my hands. If I tell Zach to put her up, he will. NT - Kayla08
Thu 11:24 PM BBTCaleb: I can only protect her for so long if she keeps running her mouth to people in the alliance that have said nothing. NT - Kayla08
Thu 11:19 PM BBTAmber to Cody: I think its best for my game that I just don't talk to anyone right now. NT - Kayla08
Thu 11:19 PM BBTCody making pasta and asks Amber if she's okay. Amber says yes, but Cody asks why she's pissed off. Amber says she can't talk to - Squirrels
anyone in the house about her game.
Thu 11:17 PM BBTFrnk and Amber downstairs. Amber says she can't trust anyone anymore. Frnk says do you want to talk about it? Amber says no, just - Squirrels
enjoy HoH for now.
Thu 11:17 PM BBTFrankie to Amber: I don't know what's happening. But when I figure it out, I'll come talk to you. NT - Kayla08
Thu 11:16 PM BBTVic is bug eyed again just looking around. She is sitting on the bed looking at the door, very bored. NT - Squirrels
Thu 11:15 PM BBTDerr is the second to leave but says he is coming back up. Frnk asks if anyone wants olives stuffed with blue cheese. NT - Squirrels
Thu 11:13 PM BBTCaleb is the first to leave, is by himself in the Have Not room. NT - Kayla08
Thu 11:08 PM BBTFrankie goes up to each person individually and hugs and kisses them. NT - Kayla08
Thu 11:07 PM BBTFrnk: "I'd like to thank everyone for coming, and supporting me. I'd thought i wouldn't make it and leave this house, but i talked - Squirrels
myself out of it multiple times."
Thu 11:07 PM BBTFrankie: Personally, I would like to thank all of you for showing me support in this time of my life. NT - Kayla08
Thu 11:06 PM BBTFrnk's letter is from his mom, explaining his family, how they're coping and how excited they are for him. NT - Squirrels
Thu 11:04 PM BBTFrankie is reading his letter from his family now and crying. His family thanks the other HGs for being there for him. NT - Kayla08
Thu 11:04 PM BBTZ's letter is from his younger brother Pizzle, while Frnk's is from his Mom. NT - Squirrels
Thu 11:03 PM BBTZach got a letter from his little brother and is reading it aloud to the others. His voice breaks at the very end. NT - Kayla08
Thu 11:02 PM BBTFrankie got Justin Bieber as his CD NT - Kayla08
Thu 11:00 PM BBTEveryone in HOH looking at Zach/Frankie's pictures NT - Kayla08
Thu 10:58 PM BBTZach announces: If your name starts with any letter of the alphabet, I'm nominating you for eviction! NT - Kayla08
Thu 10:57 PM BBTHOH reveal time. Zach yells that he's putting everyone on the block! If your name begins with a letter in the alphabet, you're - Alpha16
being put up for eviction.
Thu 10:57 PM BBTZach and Frankie out of DR: Who wants to see our HOH room? NT - Kayla08
Thu 10:56 PM BBTHayden is now with Caleb in beehive room. Caleb tells about the Amber/Zach thing. Caleb says Amber feels betrayed by Chris/Nic - Alpha16
b/c Chris/Nic told Zach that Amber is coming after Zach.

More of Caleb complaining about the stuff that is blowing up.

Hayden says he hasn't told Zach to target Amber or literally anyone for that matter (ed. He has told Zach and other people he wants Amber gone)
Thu 10:51 PM BBTCaleb says to Derrick he will tell Zach to put up Amber on purpose if Amber is gonna be stupid and not talk to her alliance. - Alpha16
He says "Let her be stupid" if she's gonna not talk to her alliance.
Thu 10:51 PM BBTDerrick pulls in Caleb to beehive room. He tells Caleb that Amber told Derrick that she's not talking to anyone in the alliance - Alpha16
anymore. Derrick said including me? Amber said 'No one' .

Caleb fills Derrick in that people in the alliance are questioning Amber. Caleb tells Christine told Amber that and Derrick is not surprised.

Caleb says he will tell Zach to put up Amber on purpose if Amber is gonna be stupid and not talk to her alliance.
Thu 10:50 PM BBTAmber tells Derrick she's not speaking to anyone in the alliance anymore. I found out some stuff. D: Me? A: No one - Kayla08
And then walks away. Derrick immediately pulls Caleb into the beehive room to ask him about it.
Thu 10:46 PM BBTChristine to Frankie: I pray Zach goes home next week. He's throwing me under the bus. He can't keep his mouth shut. NT - Kayla08
Thu 10:45 PM BBTAmer to chris in HN room: I dont know who to trust. I know i can trust you. I totally trust you Christine. NT - Poopie
Thu 10:45 PM BBTChristine with Amber in Beehive room. They were in mid-convo when it started and something about girls taking out the guys. - Alpha16
Christine rats Zach out and tells Amber Zach wanted Christine/Amber on the block. Christine says she told Zach she would not throw the comp and that Chris/Amber would win if both of them were up.
Thu 10:43 PM BBTCaleb tells Zach in Have-Not Room that Amber's not coming after Zach. Caleb says he doesnt know her targets though. Zach says he - Alpha16
feels better about it now.
Thu 10:43 PM BBTZach and Frankie get called into DR for their HOH room keys. NT - Kayla08
Thu 10:42 PM BBTZach fills in Donny in Have-not room about what's happening. He tells Donny he's putting up Amber for sure, but doesn't know how - Alpha16
to complete the equation.
Thu 10:41 PM BBTZach now talking to Donny in HN room. Caleb walks in and Zach is afraid he heard their conversation - Kayla08
Zach was telling Donny about how he had just spoken to Caleb
Thu 10:40 PM BBTHayden/Cody left in Storage room after Zach leaves. Hayden complains that Zach has brought up basically everyone's names. - Alpha16
Cody says Zach knows that no one would want to throw the competition.

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